Discussion of X3: Albion Prelude and X3: Terran Conflict, as well as X3: Reunion, X2: The Threat, X-Tension, and X: Beyond the Frontier by EGOSOFT. Best Cockpit Mod For X3TC And X3AP. The guy who makes PSCO1's Cockpit Mod is the same guy who made that mod. PSCO1 is a continuation of the ITS cockpit. This is the 'Callback Mod' by Imp.- which adds visible cockpit interiors to ships. The cockpits added are mainly those from X², but for Argon ships 8 new cockpits have been designed and included. This download modifies your game and is.

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Game Information

The X-Tended Mod is a large addition to the existing X3:Reunion universe and is the only major mod (as of the 26th May 2010) that has been hosted by the creators of X3:Reunion, Egosoft, on their own servers. - Much improved AI usage of all ships, leading to more variety and life. Does this have imps cockpit mod compatability? Retexturize Project for Cockpits ★ Mod Library (Steam Game) - X3 Albion Prelude Massive. Let's Play X3 Reunion - Part 1a. The x1 team have released their first trailer for the mod, a lot of effort and commitment has been put into the mod since it was founded in November 2007. This mod is a total conversion of the game X3 the reunion and hopefully in the future X3 Terran conflict.

Official NameX3: Reunion
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Egosoft
Distributor (s)Steam
EngineX3 Reality Engine
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)October 28, 2005
Genre (s)Space simulation
Mode (s)Single player



X3 Reunion Full PC Game Overview

X3 Reunion download free. full Game (Trademarked as X3: Reunion) is a single-player space trading and combat gamedeveloped by Egosoft and published by Deep Silver. It is the third installment in the X universeadventure video game series and the sequel to X2: The Threat (2003), which in turn followed X: Beyond the Frontier (1999). X3: Reunion was released on October 28, 2005 for Windows, Linux andMac OS X and on November 4, 2005 in North America. The game has been ported to Linux and Mac OS X; Mac OS X for release in August 2007; the Linux version followed on December 5 2008. The X series is often compared to the classic Elite, in that these first-person space adventure games focus on trade and exploration, as well as combat. X3 Reunion Free Download.

X3: Reunion began as project X2: The Return, Egosoft's plannedextension for X2: The Threat. However, as the project advanced, it soon outgrew the constraints of the X2 Engine. In April 2005, Egosoft announced that X2: The Return was cancelled and that the game, using the new X3 Engine, would become X3: Reunion. A month later, they demonstrated the power of the «X3 Reality Engine» in May'sElectronic Entertainment Expo (E3), stunning industry insiders with high-definition moving renders of space stations, planets and other scenes. X3 was released five months later in October.

It quickly emerged that a number of flaws existed in the retail version of X3 — including a bug which prevented the player from completing the game. Egosoft quickly released a series of patches to fix it, but some reviewers and players remained critical, suggesting Egosoft had released the game before it was ready.

X3 Reunion Mods

Egosoft have continued to expand and develop this game since release, adding new ships and equipment, a new kind of station as well as new modding tools, and a new series of missions. New material for this game — official and fan made — is frequently released through Egosoft's official website.



X3: Reunion incorporates open-ended «sandbox» gameplay. The main quest can be postponed or ignored as the player explores the expansive universe and spends the most time in control of a ship, doing tasks of their own choosing. Different ships are available for various tasks: small, fast scouting ships; freighters; powerful battleships; and massive carriers for moving a fleet. Most ships seen in the game can be bought or captured, and flown by the player. The player is free to go anywhere in the X-Universe at any time and explore, complete plot-related goals or to fulfil their own personal goals. X3 Reunion Free Download PC Game.

New features

X3 uses a new, specifically developed graphics engine to give highly detailed renders of ships and stations, along with photo-realistic planets and a host of new effects, including lighting, shadow and reflection. Graphically, Egosoft redesigned everything from scratch. The stations are restructured, larger and more detailed. Few contain the internal docking ports of the prior games, instead featuring external docking clamps. Ship sizes have been redesigned according to a logical scale. Egosoft ensured a pilot would actually fit in their cockpit, and that a carrier vessel was actually large enough to carry a given number of ships. As such, ships and stations are noticeably different in size from prior games.

ModX3 reunion cockpit mod by imp download

The HUD has also been altered. Egosoft removed non-functional internal cockpit graphics, giving the player a largely unobstructed view of space. There are now markers over game objects such as ships, stations and large asteroids, and each object is selectable by a simple mouse click, or through a keyboard or controller. X3 uses a new interface designed to be faster, more user friendly, and compatible with a console controller. The game carries over many of the same short-cut keys from previous games, but now the mouse too can be used for functions including menu navigation, target selection, flying and combat.

The economy has been redesigned to be more sophisticated, with non-player ships now in direct competition with the player. New tools have been added to help the player compete in the X-Universe, including a new way of linking factories together into complexes which can be self-sustaining to varying degrees. There are also new in-game software products that allow a player to automate operations. In addition, Egosoft presents the player with a number of new scripting tools encouraging computer literate players to write their own functions into the game. This is further supported through Egosoft's scripts and Modding forum, where players share ideas.

Combat AI is improved, and enemy behavior redesigned. Many pirates now travel in gangs, often heavily armed, making them much more threatening than in earlier games. There are also smugglers, pirates who remain hidden until their cargo is scanned for contraband wares. There are now pirate missions available to the player, as well as a new pirate faction, known as the Yaki. Xenon and Kha'ak remain the primary antagonists; both races are entirely hostile and will often mount full scale sector invasions. X3 Reunion for PC.

Status has far more relevance than in previous games. Now, many kinds of weapon, ship, and factory are not purchasable until the player has earned sufficient reputation with the vendor race. With some races, reputation can be earned through trade; with others, the player must earn respect by killing unwanted visitors in the race's space — such as pirates, Khaak, or Xenon. Some races appreciate both. By choosing to be an upstanding citizen, the player can earn the right to buy powerful new weapons, ships and technologies. By engaging in piracy, destruction, smuggling or other crime the player may lose reputation, and so may lose the privilege to buy things. The persistent wrongdoer may lose the right to land at stations, or even to enter sectors, being attacked on sight. Eventually, the player may find it impossible to buy many of the game's most powerful ships, weapons and technologies (although such things may still be possible to acquire through less orthodox means). X3 Reunion Download Torrent.

X3 Reunion Free Download PC Game

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X3 Reunion Cockpit Mod

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X3 Reunion Cockpit Mod Download

X3 Cockpit Mod

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