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I can't install XAP files on Windows Phone 10 (a Lumia 930) hope someone will help me about this and Thank you for everything. We have all best and latest windows phone apps and games.Download Free Xap games, appx download for windows phone,windows 10 phone Apps.Daily updates! XAP file: Silverlight. XAP file is a XACT Project File. Xbox Audio Creation Tool is an audio programming library. File: example.xap To open this file, Windows. Free download xap decompiler Files. Flash Decompiler Trillix is a Flash file converter and editing tool. AndroChef Java Decompiler is Windows decompiler for. Developers of InPic reverse engineering/copying codes from. Windows phone XAP's are encrypted and. Restrict access to XAP file. Also, a lot of decompilers can see through obfuscated code. Deploying.xap file to Windows Phone Emulator.

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Is it possible for a user to access the XAP installation file of an app installed via the Marketplace? If yes, is it possible to restrict access to it?

I basically have some copyrighted images used in the app, and dont want the users to be able to gain access to it.

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Only by hacking (ie. jailbreaking) the phone. So in short, no, users are not able to access your XAP.

On all devices in the world, you can't avoid the possibility that someone is going to crack the security measures (in this case, Microsofts). But it's very difficult on WP7, if not impossible still, as opposed to Android where it just takes a few clicks to get the content of a marketplace app, and then decompile it.

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Yes, now ANYONE can download your xap from the marketplace, this application for example access to free apps on the WP7 Marketplace Autocad 2010 product key and serial number download manager.

For paid apps, it won't be any harder than analyzing the xml files exchanged by Zune.

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