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29 Oct 2007


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Travian is a web game of an ancient European tribal war. I developed this tool to automatically accomplish tasks.

Tasks Category

Currently, there are six kinds of Travian tasks supported:

  • Upgrade task (upgrading resources or buildings)
  • Build task (the build task)
  • Develop task (used for Academy, Armoury and Blacksmith)
  • Training troop task (used for Barracks, Stable, Workshop, Palace and Residence)
  • Transporting resource task (used for Marketplace)
  • Troop dispatch task (used for rally point)


  • Supports multiple threads. Tasks queue can be executed in a separated thread.
  • Supports event log. Event can log to file and UI window. Event log supports multiple threads.
  • Supports HTTP Get/Post method, raw cookie, UTF-8 encode/decode, gzip decompression, and URL encode/decode. HTTP functions based on the MFC class CInternetSession, so it's less dependent.
  • HTTP Response decompression uses class Gunzip in Crypto++, which is a C++ Class Library of Cryptographic Schemes. Refer to Crypto++.
  • Uses Regular expressions to parse HTML, so it's compact.
  • Once assigned tasks file, Travian server and user name/password, all tasks are accomplished unattended.

Compile Source Code

This project is built by VC8.0.50727 (VC2005 SP1). Before compiling the source project, you need to compile the cryptopp54 project first. The cryptopp54 project is located in the 'cryptopp54' sub-folder of Travian's source code directory. Then place cryptlibD.lib (Debug build) or cryptlib.lib (Release build) in the Travian source code folder.

Description of Main Classes

Class Name


Class Dependencies
(Apart from MFC/STL)


About dialog



Event buffer management, log event to file and notify registered windows to fetch new events.


Send HTTP Request and get HTTP response. Support Get/Post method, gzip decompression, URL encode/decode, UTF-8 encode/decode, raw cookie.


URL encode/decode.


Encapsulation for ATL regular expression class CAtlRegExp<>, written by Paul DiLascia.


Travian tasks base class, which presents the upgrade tasks. It parses HTML form fields given tasks' URL and special tag mark. If player has more than one village, then is CTravianTask responsible for switching current villages. CTravianTask also provides a static function to parse tasks from the tasks file.

CHttpClient, CEventLog


CTravianTaskBuild is CTravianTask child class. It presents the build task.

CTravianTask, CEventLog


CTravianTaskDevelop is a CTravianTask child class. It presents the develop task.

CTravianTask, CEventLog


CTravianTaskTrain is CTravianTask child class. It presents the troop training task.

CTravianTask, CEventLog


CTravianTaskResourceTransport is a CTravianTask child class. It presents the resource transporting task.

CTravianTask, CEventLog


CTravianTaskDispatchTroop is a CTravianTask child class. It presents the troop dispatch task.

CTravianTask, CEventLog


CTravianTaskDispatchTroop is a CTravianTask child class. It presents the troop dispatch task.

CTravianTask, CEventLog


typedef of the CTravianTask* vector. It's used as tasks queue.



Schedule thread for the tasks queue.

CTravianTask, Tasks, CEventLog


Schedule thread for the tasks queue.

CTravianTaskSchedule, CEventLog


Form view for tasks parameter.

CThreadSchedule, CEventLog


Event output view.



View for tasks list.



Travian server lists

Free Javascript Download License

  • Initial Release: (23 July 2007)
  • Release: (18 August 2007)
    Fixed parsing negative village coordinate number problem.
  • released by mila

What's New in This Release?

  • Troop dispatch bug fixed
  • user.ini file. If this file exists, the program read it line by line. In the lines you can specify:
    1. line: URL of the server. (e.g. s2.travian.hu)
    2. line: name of the user (e.g. habakuk)
    3. line: password (e.g. babzsak)
    4. line: name of the file (e.g. tasks_en.txt)
    5. line: tribe type (e.g. 3)
    The tribe type can be:
    1. Roman
    2. Teuton
    3. Gall
  • Calculation for enough resources to complete the task.
    If there is not enough resources in the moment when the task runs, the program calculates the time when you will have enough resources to complete the task. This new date will set as the execution date of the task. (The icon, in the task list, will change for a clock to show this situation.)
  • <DTime> specification instead of >Time< means an offset to the date of the previous task.
    This also ensures in which order the tasks should run. Because the DTime task will be always later than the previous task. Dtime := delata time.
  • An empty time specification: >Time<>/Time< means the actual date.
    So the task will execute as soon as possible (within 2 min.)
  • New <Spy> tag. If you send your spys to scouting only (Scouting troop types only in the dispatched army) you can specify here what you are interested in. The type of spy can be 1 or 2.
    1. scouting resources and units
    2. scouting defender devices and other units
    NOTE! You are responsible to send only scouters in the >Troop<..>/Troop< section.
  • Display user name and server on the title.
  • Logging HTML only in debug mode. In the final release the whole HTML page was not logged. Therefore the size of the log file decreased dramatically.
  • '------' in the beginning of the line in the log file shows an ERROR
  • Task description in the list view has a shorter form. The list view is much more readable.
  • Display the name of the troops instead of the numbers. (Need to define the tribe type in the user.ini file)

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