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Re:Reviews for Mystery Case Files®: Escape from Ravenhearst™

Well I for one thought this a let down. I followed the 'guess'es for almost the whole time during pre-release and was looking forward to see how close we came.
I assumed we might see more in the CAGE scene - LET DOWN!
More in the O.R. - such as how the body's were cut up - LETDOWN!
Morphing - no probs. but a little tame.
Very little about the 'Steampunk' stuff - only a mask or two at the end LETDOWN!
Nothing about the drawings and the tools that Chucky used in the 'pre-released' via clues - LETDOWN!
Nothing about the people of Blackpool, only hanging bodies - LETDOWN!
The graphics - actors - etc. was A-ONE - but my view is that the game SUCKS - BIG LETDOWN!
I think I'm not a bad gamer, but it is hard to follow in some parts w/o at least a partial guide. (beside the point is that I HATE the domino,dice puzzels), but a 'clue' as to what the object of that game is would be helpfull.
Dire Grove is my fav. 13 skulls was good - this one sucks.
BUT - hey that's only M.H.O. I am sorry I wasted a punch on this.
ps - know I should tell you how I REALLY feel

Omsi 1.01 Serial Key