How to Install a theme

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Step 1) You will first need to find a psp theme you would like. You can browse our site.

Step 2) Now you have downloaded the psp theme of your choice, connect your psp to your computer or laptop using your usb cable and then on your psp scroll all the way to the left, then scroll down to “ubs connection” and press x.

Step 3) A box will pop up on your computer saying “Removable Disk (F:)” (The drive letter might be different from this depending on what usb port you plugged your usb cable into.) You will see there are lots of option’s to chose from. Click the option ”open files to view using windows explorer”.

Step 4) Now you should see a folder called “PSP” click this folder now you should see a folder called “THEME” In capitals as well as all others like “VIDEO”, “MUSIC” & “PHOTO” if you don’t then click file->new->folder and rename it THEME in capitals.

Step 5) Now find the psp theme you downloaded it should be a file ending in .pft and copy it into the THEME folder.

Step 6) And now safely remove your psp from your computer. Press o on your psp to disconect from your computer.

Step 7) Your new theme should be on your psp!

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