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Version 10.5.8:

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  • ., Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. I purchased SmartScore X Pro EditionSmartScore X2 Pro. It would request my Customer ID and Serial Number which I.
  • You might want the model name or serial number of your Mac when checking warranty. Double-click the version number beneath “OS X” to reveal the serial number.
  • Improved recognition of triplets including angled tuplets
  • Improved recognition of ties
  • Improved recognition of dots of prolongation
  • Improved recognition of multi-measure rests
  • Improved recognition of trill (tr) symbol
  • Improved recognition of flags in single notes.
  • Improved recognition accuracy of notes with very thick or very thin beams
  • False positives fixed: Dots being assigned to notes with staccatos
  • Recognition Option: 4-line staves now default to TAB (Choose Percussion option added)
  • Recognition Option default changed: Join Offset Voices to 'Within 1/8 of a notehead'
  • Recognition Option: Recognition of 'heavy beams' removed
  • New: 'Set Playback Range' window now floats and includes play function buttons.
  • Improved dynamic range for Hairpins, Cresc. and Decresc. Markings
  • Improved Trill Properies: Permuation default reset to 8
  • New: Individual velocities for each note event are now visible and editable in MIDI Event List
  • Fixed: Playback Console Pan problem
MusicXML Export
  • New: MusicXML support for double tremolos
  • New: Convert 'Cresc' and 'Decresc' markings to hairpins in MusicXML
  • New: Multi-measure rest symbols fully supported
  • Fixed: 'Nested tuplets' now translate properly to MusicXML

Pro Mac

Smartscore X Pro Mac Serial Info
ENF Editing
  • New: Delete or assign single attribute to selected range of notes (Select All / Ctrl+A + click)
  • Fixed: Overapping noteheads now offset properly during editing
  • Fixed: Default location of Mini Play Console (Mac) reset
Bug fixes

Smartscore X2

  • Fixed: Crashing on poor-quality image files improved
  • Fixed: Karaoke -> Options -> Scroll ball = Crash
  • Fixed: Crash While Editing Percussion Staff Lines
  • Fixed: Error when allocating memory during recognition of tabulatures
  • Fixed: Page Setup > Page Layout > Custom layouts are now saved (Windows only)
  • Fixed: Alto, Tenor and Bass 'instrument' part names Restore playback transposition to '0'
  • Fixed: Mac keyboard shortcuts for Rests and Accidentals not working
  • Fixed: Image editor freezes when saving (Mac Yosemite)