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I'm trying to redirect serial device on /dev/ttyUSB0 to RDP session with Windows (XP or server 2003) through FreeRDP or rdesktop.

Like this for example:
xfrerdp /a:serial,COM3,/dev/ttyUSB0 /v:server
rdesktop -r comport:COM4=/dev/ttyUSB0 server

First make sure that you've enabled port redirection in the Remote Desktop Connection. Rdesktop connected to a Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition host. Serial port and printer port redirection; Mappings for most international keyboards.

Rdesktop Redirect Serial Port

At Windows I'm able to see this port. And even if I connect second and third contacts of COM port (just enabling echo to send all the output back to input) I can see echo in Hyper Terminal. But when I connect device I can't use it. It seems that the input in program differs from the output of the COM-device.

What settings and params should I use (like setserial or stty) to configure COM port on Linux similar to COM port on Windows to be able to transfer correct data between these two machines?

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Rdesktop Redirect Com Port

it's a smartcard reader for health insurance cards with a country bound API and its own drivers (WIN/Ubuntu). The reader comes in two version: connected to pc via USB and via r232. The driver creates a virtual COM port for the USB version (in which case you have to install drivers on the local machine). You also have to install the drivers on the server to allow communication between rdp - COM / (and virtual COM port) and the applications.

Im currently using a Raspberry PI 3 with Ubuntu MATE. The r232 version is connected to my PI with a R232/USB converter and the USB version directly.
The r232 version works perfectly fine with just -r comport:com5=/dev/ttyUSB0 but I have no idea how I am able to send the data from the USB version to the server with a 'virtual' COM port. Albers kamiu svetimas pdf free.

Here is what freaks me out: I can use the USB version on WTware(also rdp) without any problems while I'm unable to use the R232 version(probably some wrong baudrate). Its the complete opposite compared to rdesktop.

Rdesktop Client

Any ideas?