One piece 1.0

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The direct download link for Cune World is This is where wollay uploads his files '' And we can download everything he has uploaded if we only know the names of the files. I happen to know the name of the older Cube World versions, it is simply CubeSetup, and CubeSetup2. So Just replace the CubeSetup3 in the download link to the version you want.

Maybe you've seen that all the oldest pictures on the Cube World blog are gone, i've found them again. This one for instance: The old frogman post. The link to it is

One Piece Vs Fairy Tail 1.0

I've also found a high res version of the Cube World logo, its here:

I think maybe wollay has uploaded new versions of the game, that are not out yet. So I want people to help me find. does not exist btw. I've also tried CubeBeta, Beta, CubeWorldBeta, Quests, and some others. When seraching for files, remember that files are case sensitive. cubesetup is not the same as CubeSetup.