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Lots of options do not a great game make. This game certainly gives you plenty of choices, but the racing still misses the checkered flag.


The Racing World

Created by Domark, Kawasaki bears a strong resemblance to that company's previous Formula One game, except you're on two wheels, not four.

You race on international tracks from a behind-the-handlebars perspective with lots of options, including 15 tracks and three basic ways to alter your bike. The action's fast, and your bike really responds to your controls (notice the differences when the weather turns ugly).

Unfortunately, the graphics look like any number of other racing games. Big, blocky polygons scroll toward you, and undetailed landscapes surround you. You don't see sparks, smoke from bikes, or juicy wrecks -- the fun touches that other racing games provide. On the positive side, the many tunnels and overpasses add to the game's complexity, and your on-screen map is easy to see.

This game has some good sounds, especially the tire screeches. However, real motorcycle engines are pretty annoying, and you'll probably turn these whining engine noises right down.

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ProTip: Use the pro's advice when adjusting your bike. Slick tires are best for dry tracks.

Racer's Edge

While not the best racing of the season, Kawasaki Superbike Challenge is still decent, and it has enough variety to suit all skill levels. Fanatics can even take on the eight-hour Suzuka course.

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But is it championship-caliber competition? Only novice gamers might think so.

To learn the best racing line on a new course, follow closely behind lead bikes.

Overall rating: 6