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Pathology is a very important subject of medical science. Because it is very necessary to learn thoroughly the pathology to prevent nad treat the diseases. Without the knowledge of pathology it is very difficult to diagnose and treat the diseases. For pathology you must have select a book that is best and highly recommended. Pathoma is the review of general and special pathology. For quick review of pathology pathoma is very famous. More about the book read the review and features given below.

Fundamental Of Pathology Pdf Review:

  • Download Medicine Books PDF Free. Download Fundamentals of Pathology Medical Course and Step 1 Review 1st Edition – Pathoma PDF Free.
  • Feb 22, 2017  Hi can anyone share pathoma new edition pdf. I already have one but that is scanned copy converted to pdf and has lots of mistakes. Or its more than ok if someone can sell their old pathoma book. I live in chicago. The one i found in amazon and pathoma website takes more than a week to deliver.

The book is written by Husain A. Sattar. The book is full review of robbin basic pathology. Study pathoma book along with pathoma lectures is very helpfull. For examination point of view the book is very good both for mcqs as well for seqs. Movie magic budgeting 7 crack mac. Also a famous the book for USMLE and other board examination preparation. For pathology must used the book. To download the pdf click the download button given below.

Features Of Pathoma Pdf:

Here is the overview of some important features of pathoma;

  • Easy and quick approach to pathology.
  • Pathoma is complete review of robbin basic pathology.
  • For USMLE step 1 preparation and other board examination.
  • The book is study along with Pathoma lectures which make pathology very easily.

Pathoma Notes Pdf


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Here is the list of Chapters:

  1. Chapter 1. Growth, Adaptation, cellular injury and cell disorder.
  2. Chapter 2. Inflammation, Inflammatory Disorder and wound healing.
  3. Chapter 3. Principles of neoplasia.
  4. Chapter 4. Hemostasis and related disorders.
  5. Chapter 5. Red Blood cells disorder.
  6. Chapter 6. White blood cells disorder.
  7. Chapter 7. vascular disorder.
  8. Chapter 8. cardiac disorders.
  9. Chapter 9. Respiratory tract pathology.
  10. Chapter 10. Gastrointestinal tract pathology.
  11. Chapter 11. Exocrine pancreas and liver pathology.
  12. Chapter 12. Kidney and urinary tract pathology.
  13. Chapter 13. Female genital system and Gestational pathology.
  14. Chapter 14. Male genital system payhology.
  15. Chapter 15. Endocrine pathology.
  16. Chapter 16. Breast pathology.
  17. Chapter 17. Central nervous system pathology.
  18. Chapter 18. Musculoskeletal Pathology.
  19. Chapter 19. Skin payhology.

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