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Important ebook on operations research by P. Rama Murthy and i hope it will guide you completely. and you will get more knowledge from this ebook. This book has great examples with mandatory explanations. This subject Operations Research is a branch of Mathematics. The language of the book is easy not complex and can be understood by any student
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This book has veeb divided into 15 chapters
-- Historical Development
-- Linear Programming Models(resource allocation models)
-- Linear Programming Models( Solution by Simplex Methods)
-- Linear Programming- II(Transportation Method)
-- Linear Programming III (Assignment Model)Operation Time Search Ebook Download
-- Sequencing Model
-- Replacement Model
-- Inventory Control
-- Waiting line theory or Queuing model
-- Theory of Games or Competitive Strategies
-- Dynamic Programming
-- Decision Theory
-- Simulation
-- Introduction to Non-Linear Programming
--Programme Evaluation and Review Technique and Critical Path Method(PERT and CPM)
Most of them have a mathematical approach rather than decision making approach to help you better in your preparation. This subject is common to all branches.
All the best for your learnings.

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