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Law dis-Order
Also known asLegal Strongman
GenreModern Drama, Legal, Office Politics
Created byHong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited
Written byWong Wai-keung (head writer)
StarringAlex Fong Chung-shun
Liu Kai-chi
Mandy Wong
Ali Lee
Raymond Cho
Florence Kwok
Matthew Ho
Kelly Cheung
Chung King-fai
Theme music composerAlan Cheung
Opening theme'Choice of Justice' (公義的抉擇) by Hubert Wu
Ending theme'Can You See' by KaYee Tam
Country of originHong Kong
Original language(s)Cantonese
No. of episodes28
Executive producer(s)Catherine Tsang
Producer(s)Marco Law
Production location(s)Hong Kong
Editor(s)Ng Siu-tung
Camera setupMulti camera
Running time45 minutes
Production company(s)TVB
Original networkTVB Jade
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Original release19 September –
16 October 2016
Preceded byInspector Gourmet
Followed byMy Lover From the Planet Meow
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Law dis-Order
Traditional Chinese律政強人
Simplified Chinese律政强人
Leuhtjing Kèungyàn
Literal meaning'Legal Strongman'
Standard Mandarin
Hanyu PinyinLǜzhèng Qiángrén
Bopomofoㄌㄩˋㄓㄥˋ ㄑㄧㄤˊㄖㄣˊ
Yue: Cantonese
Yale RomanizationLeuhtjing Kèungyàn
IPA[lɵ̀t̚.tsēŋ kʰœ̏ːŋ.jɐ̏n]
JyutpingLeot6zing3 Koeng4jan4

Law dis-Order (Chinese: 律政強人; Cantonese Yale: Leuhtjing Kèungyàn; literally 'Legal Strongman') is a 2016 Hong Kong television legal drama produced by Marco Law for TVB, starring Alex Fong, Liu Kai-chi, Mandy Wong, Ali Lee, Raymond Cho and Florence Kwok as the main cast. It premiered on Hong Kong's TVB Jade and Malaysia's Astro On Demand on September 19, 2016 airing Monday through Sunday during its 9:30-10:30 pm timeslot and concluding October 16, 2016 with a total of 28 episodes.[1]

Law dis-Order centers around the office politics of a prestigious Hong Kong law firm. Liu Kai-chi plays KC Lau (劉謹昌) and Alex Fong plays Kent Cheung (張強), both are powerful attorneys struggling to become the main authority at the law firm they both work at.

  • 2Cast


As the co-founder of the Chinese law firm Donald & Co., Charles Cheuk (Lau Dan), has been a chairman of its committee for many years. Though he had promised his managing partner KC Lau (Liu Kai-chi) that he would step down, Charles hires the money-minded lawyer Kent Cheung (Alex Fong) as a new partner for the firm, hoping that he would be able to counterbalance KC’s growing obsession for authority.

Law Disorder Tvb Drama

KC had built up great influence in his years with Donald & Co. His associates include the abled lawyers Duncan Yam (Raymond Cho) and Martha Fong (Mandy Wong). With Patricia Lee (Florence Kwok) and Nick Chau (Matthew Ho) as Kent’s only strongsuits, KC assumed he had the upper edge in their game of power.

However, a traffic accident catches KC off guard, and Kent takes advantage of the situation. He gets himself a lucrative offer from Charles, who promotes Kent to senior partner. During this time, Kent re-encounters assistant solicitor Hazel Cheuk (Ali Lee), and they develop a close mentor-student friendship.

Feeling his power ebbing away, KC becomes a ticking time bomb, ready to explode at any moment. But while fighting for control, a toothless tiger comes out from under the radar, ready to seek revenge.[2]


Donald & Co. Law firm[edit]

  • Lau Dan as Charles Cheuk Gai-yu (卓繼堯)
  • Chung King-fai as Henry Ching Yat-hong (程日匡)
  • Liu Kai-chi as KC Lau Kan-cheung (劉謹昌)
  • Alex Fong Chung-shun as Kent Cheung Keung (張強)
  • Mandy Wong as Martha Fong Ning (方寧)
  • Ali Lee as Hazel Cheuk Yi-chung (卓宜中)
  • Raymond Cho as Duncan Yam Wai-leung (任偉樑)
  • Kelly Cheung as Libby Pun Hei-man (潘希文)
  • Florence Kwok as Patricia Lee Siu-wah (李少樺)
  • Matthew Ho as Nick Chow Lik-hang (周力行)
  • Chan Wing-chun as KK Tsang Ka-kit (曾家健)
  • Henry Yu as YT Leung Yiu-tin (梁耀天)
  • Koo Koon-chung as Don Shum Lap-ho (沈立豪)
  • Yeewan Ho as Sandy Tse Hong-yee (謝康兒)
  • Jones Lee as Ben Kwong chung-yue (鄺忠耀)
  • Mandy Lam as Elsa Law Bui-yu (羅貝如)
  • Ng Kwong-lee as Ivan Chiu Tse-bong (招志邦)
  • Daniel Chau as Jason Tong Ka-kit (湯家健)
  • Osanna Chiu as Helen Sin Wai-san (冼慧珊)
  • Doris Chow as Zita Ha Ting (夏婷)
  • Athena Ng as Ceci Kwok Si-wan (郭思韻)
  • Kitterick Yiu as Sam Au Chi-sam (歐智琛)
  • Joey Mak as Eva Sek Wing-yin (石穎妍)

Extended cast[edit]

  • Becky Lee as Mary Wang Wing-lam (汪穎琳)
  • Ram Chiang as Michael Yip Ho-tin (葉浩天)
  • Griselda Yeung as Danielle Lok Si-wai (駱思慧)


The main opening theme song 'Choice of Justice' (公義的抉擇) was sung by Hubert Wu, composed by Alan Cheung and lyrics by Hayes Yeung. A sub theme song named 'Can You See' performed by Kayee Tam, and also composed by Dominic Chu, with lyrics by Wayne James was played during the closing credits on some episodes.

Track listing
1.'Choice of Justice' (公義的抉擇)Hayes YeungAlan CheungHubert Wu3:12
2.'Can You See'Wayne JamesDominic ChuKayee Tam3:13

Development and production[edit]

  • In October 2015, Alex Fong announced that he would take a break from Mainland China projects to film a drama for TVB as he was personally invited by producer Marco Law to film the drama and looked forward to working with Liu Kai-chi.[3]
  • Ir was announced in early November 2016 that veteran Hong Kong actor Liu Kai-chi would be returning to TVB after a long absence with the television station to film a drama. Liu's last TVB drama was 2007s The Winter Melon Tale (大冬瓜).[4]
  • The costume fitting ceremony was held on November 30, 2015 12:30 pm at Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One Common Room.[5]
  • The blessing ceremony was held on January 4, 2016.[6]
  • Filming took place from December 2015 till March 2016, entirely on location in Hong Kong.

Viewership ratings[edit]

Timeslot (HKT)#Day(s)WeekEpisode(s)Average pointsPeaking points
Mon - Sun
(9:30-10:30 pm)
Mon - Fri
19 – 23 Sep 2016
1 — 5
24 Sep 2016
25 Sep 2016
Mon - Fri
26–30 Sep 2016
8 — 12
01 Oct 2016
02 Oct 2016
Mon - Fri
03–07 Oct 2016
15 — 19
08 Oct 2016
09 Oct 2016
Mon - Fri
10–14 Oct 2016
22 — 26
16 Oct 2016
27 — 28
Total average

October 15, 2016: No episode broadcast.

Awards and nominations[edit]

2016StarHub TVB Awards[7]My Favourite TVB DramaLaw dis-OrderWon
My Favourite TVB ActressAli LeeWon
My Favourite TVB ActorLiu Kai-chiWon
Alex FongPending
My Favourite TVB ActressMandy WongPending

International broadcast[edit]

  • Malaysia - 8TV (Malaysia)


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External links[edit]

  • Law dis-Order Official TVB website(in Chinese)
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