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TitleProduct linkEnglish release datePublisher (primary)Publisher (secondary)Adult versionMosaics?Non-adult versionDescription of censorship / differences between versionsRemedies
Nocturnal IllusionJ-List4/15/1998RCY AmericaJAST USAuncensoredLoli H-scenes (Arisa, Red Hood) were removed from the initial releaseGet the linked JAST USA Memorial Collection version or the fan restoration patch for the original:
May ClubJ-List5/1/1999RCY AmericaJAST USAcensoredLoli H-scenes (Misato, Kirara) were removedFan restoration patch
Eve: Burst ErrorMangaGamer1/1/2000Himeya SoftMangaGamernot releaseduncensoredAn unlicensed browser port of the Eve remake with added H-scenes exists. The H-scenes are untranslated.
Phantom of InfernoVNDB5/15/2003Hiramekinot releaseduncensoredEnglish release of the Japanese non-adult version that added voice acting and removed H-scenesNone
Tea Society of a WitchVNDB9/1/2003Hiramekinot releasedcensoredMegumi and Ponica's routes were excised and H-scenes were removed.None
Amusement ParkVNDB2/17/2004Hiramekinot releasedcensoredH-scenes removed. Extent of cuts unknown.None
Day of LoveVNDB2/17/2004Hiramekinot releaseduncensoredNot known if this was a port of the PS1 non-adult versionNone
Hourglass of SummerVNDB7/1/2004Hiramekinot releaseduncensoredOriginally non-adultNone
Ishika & HonoriVNDB12/7/2004Hiramekinot releasedcensoredH-scenes removed. Extent of cuts unknown.None
Exodus GuiltyVNDB11/28/2005Hiramekinot releasedcensoredOriginally non-adult, but the version translated had H-scenes that were removed for English releaseNone
X-Change 3J-List7/18/2006JAST USAcensorednSome loli and rape scenes were altered or removedInstall the series of 3 restoration patches
Kira KiraMangaGamer6/24/2009MangaGameruncensoredncensoredH-scenes were removed from the non-adult releaseGet the adult version
Family ProjectJ-List7/17/2009JAST USAcensorednSome of Matsuri's CG were edited due to her being underageFan restoration patch
ShuffleVNDB8/15/2009YumeHaven (AGM)MangaGameruncensoreduncensoredNavel appears to have cancelled MangaGamer's license for the adult version and given the license for the non-adult version (with added Kareha and Mayumi routes) to YumeHaven. As a result, the adult version is no longer on sale. The non-adult version also has multiple engine issues and bugs.'Locate' a copy of the original adult version.
Aselia the EternalJ-List3/23/2010JAST USAnot releaseduncensoredThe adult version was not localized due to concerns about the loli contentNone
If my Heart had WingsJ-List6/28/2013MoeNovelnot releasedcensoredH-scenes, kissing CG, suggestive CG, and sexual innuendo were altered or removed to make the game suitable for a younger audience. Ageha's route was rewritten.Restoration patch
Cho Dengeki StrykerNutaku3/28/2014MangaGameruncensoredncensoredH-scenes were removed from the non-adult releaseGet the adult version
Littlewitch RomanesqueJ-List12/22/2014JAST USAuncensoredncensoredH-scenes were removed for release on SteamSteam restoration patch
Eden*MangaGamer1/30/2015MangaGameruncensoredyuncensoredThe adult version adds blood and partial nudity to some scenes in the main scenario. The H-scenes are just tacked on as bonus scenes in the main menu, which unlock after the story has been cleared.Get the adult version
Princess EvangileJ-List3/27/2015MangaGameruncensorednuncensoredH-scenes were replaced with content from the PSP versionGet the adult version
StarlessJ-List5/12/2015JAST USAcensorednScat, bestiality, and dismemberment CG were removed(Un)official restoration patch
The Fruit of GrisaiaVNDB5/29/2015Sekai ProjectDenpasoftuncensoredyuncensoredH-scenes were replaced with content from the PSP versionSteam restoration patch
Shiny DaysJ-List9/25/2015JAST USAcensorednLoli H-scenes (Kokoro Katsura, Yae Kanroji, Kyomi Kasannoin) were removed(Un)official restoration patch + installation guide
Kagura DouchuukiVNDB10/22/2015Debonosunot releaseduncensoredThe non-adult version, with the original's copious ero-content removed, was released exclusively on SteamNone
Devil on a G-stringVNDB11/5/2015Sekai ProjectAkabei Soft2not releasedcensoredH-scenes were removed for release on Steam. The decision to not release an adult version was made by Akabei Soft2 (not Sekai Project).Apply the fan patch to the original Japanese version
Eiyuu SenkiJ-List11/12/2015Fruitbat FactoryJAST USAuncensoreduncensoredEnglish release of the PS3 version by Fruitbat Factory. JAST's release adds the H-scenes from the original PC release.Buy the adult version or 18+ DLC
SeinarukanaJ-List4/22/2016JAST USAuncensoreduncensoredH-scenes have been replaced with content from the PSP version, including a few bonus missions.Steam restoration patch (note: removes the bonus content from the PSP version)
ChuShingura46+1VNDB6/22/2016JAPAN CONTENT INC.not releasedcensoredH-scenes removed and the script is also heavily edited. Sexual jokes and historical and cultural references were removed on a large scale. The censorship is also inconsistent and not even remotely professional. The translation itself is filled with errors.None
The Labyrinth of GrisaiaVNDB6/22/2016Sekai ProjectDenpasoftuncensoreduncensoredH-scenes will be replaced with content from the PSP version, which also had the adult humor and references removed/replaced.Get the adult version
Muv-LuvVNDB7/14/2016DegicauncensoreduncensoredAdult content DLC sold separately
Corona BlossomVNDB7/27/2016FrontwinguncensoredN/AEnglish-first projectAdult content DLC sold separately
Wild RomanceVNDB10/19/2016Cherry Kiss GamesuncensoredcensoredNukige with the H-scenes removedGet the Mofu Mofu Edition and the free 18+ patch
A dragon girl looks up at the endless sky.VNDB10/27/2016Debonosunot releaseduncensoredPort of the PSP version which added additional scenesLet Debonosu know you want this game to get an adult release
Himawari - The SunflowerMangaGamer12/9/2016MangaGamernot releaseduncensoredEnglish release of the non-adult remake by FrontwingNone
Da capo 3MangaGamer1/20/2017MangaGameruncensoreduncensoredOriginally non-adultGet the adult version
Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-VNDB12/18/2017Sekai ProjectuncensoredcensoredGet the adult version
MaitetsuFAKKU6/29/2018Sekai ProjectcensoredycensoredScenes with mild sexual content (e.g., panty shots, frontal nudity in a bathhouse) were censored in the non-adult version. The adult version restores panty shots and H-scenes, but not frontal nudity. H-scenes are included as omake.Buy the FAKKU version or 18+ patch, then apply the linked fan restoration patch.
A Clockwork Ley-Line: The Borderline of DuskVNDB12/18/2017Sekai ProjectuncensoredcensoredBuy the 18+ DLC or adult version.
Baldr Sky Dive 1+2VNDBSekai Projectnot releasedcensoredNo plans for an adult release currently announcedLet Sekai Project know you want an uncut version
Wagamama High SpecVNDB7/27/2017Sekai ProjectuncensoredcensoredGet the adult version
Princess Evangile W HappinessVNDBMangaGameruncensoredncensoredNot known if content from the non-adult mobile version will be ported for the Steam releaseGet the adult version
Boku ga Tenshi ni Natta WakeVNDBMangaGameruncensoredncensoredH-scenes removed. Extent of cuts unknown.Get the adult version
VNDBMangaGameruncensoredcensoredSteam version will have adult content removed.MangaGamer will release a free uncensor patch to restore the adult content
Fashioning Little Miss LonesomeVNDBMangaGameruncensoredcensored
Sorcery JokersVNDBMangaGameruncensoredcensored
Love SweetsVNDBMoonstoneuncensoredcensored
Chrono ClockNutakuSekai ProjectDenpasoftuncensoredcensoredAdult content has been criticized as tacked on, which is unusual for a Purple Software titleGet the adult version
Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura DokiVNDBSekai ProjectDenpasoftuncensoredcensoredH-scenes removed. Extent of cuts unknown.Get the adult version
Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu AkumaVNDBSekai ProjectDenpasoftuncensoredcensoredThis is a nukige. No one has any clue how this will be made suitable for Steam, including Sekai Project themselves.Get the adult version
Tenshin Ranman Happy-Go-LuckyVNDBSekai Projectuncensoreduncensored
Muv-Luv seriesVNDB9/19/2017DenpasoftDegicauncensoredyuncensoredScenes with sexual content were rewritten, HCGs replaced, and gory CG censoredAdult content patches for Unlimited and Alternative available for purchase on Denpasoft. Patches are free to backers.
Sharin no KuniPrefundiaFrontwinguncensoreduncensoredAdult scenes will be replaced by less explicit scenes in the Steam versionFrontwing will let Kickstarter backers upgrade to the adult version for $10 or less
Dies iraeVNDBlightuncensoreduncensoredSteam release of the JP non-adult version Amantes amentes, which adds a route, 2 afterstories, and 3 BGM, but removes sex scenes and tones down the blood in some CGLight will make a demosaiced adult content patch available to Kickstarter backers free of charge. It's unclear if the adult content will replace or add to the extra content in Amantes amentes.
Libra of the Vampire PrincessVNDBMiKandi JapanuncensorednuncensoredH-scenes will be removed for release on Steam and to Kickstarter backersMiKandi will release a patch for $3 to restore the adult content (free to backers)
The Eden of GrisaiaVNDBSekai ProjectDenpasoftuncensoreduncensoredH-scenes will be replaced with content from the PSP versionGet the adult version
Little BustersVNDBVisual Art'snot releaseduncensoredOriginally non-adultA partial fan-translation patch is compatible with the 18+ release, but doesn't translate the added content
Wonderful Everyday Down the Rabbit-Hole (Subarashiki Hibi)VNDBFrontwingcensoredcensoredA bestiality CG has been cut from the adult version. Download this patch to restore it.Frontwing has released a patch to convert the Steam version to the adult version, minus the bestiality scene, hosted by JAST USA.
A Sky Full of Stars (Miagete Goran, Yozora no Hoshi o)VNDBMoeNovelcensored
Tenioha! Girls Can Be Pervy Too!Nutakurootnuko+HcensoredH-scenes with trap character removed. Blood removed from HCG.Editing was likely forced by Nutaku, and was also not disclosed to customers. A patch is available to restore the cosmetic changes to the CG, but does not restore the missing scenes.
Venus Blood FrontierPrefundiaNinetailuncensoredncensoredH-scenes removed, some suggestive dialogue rewrittenNinetail will make an adult version and free 18+ patch available on JAST USA
Trample on Schatten!!J-List7/16/2018JAST USAcensorednA flashback H-scene involving an underaged character was cut, removing CG and some text.Download the unofficial restoration patch.
your diary+VNDB8/10/2018Hobiboxnot releaseduncensoredPort of the PSP version. Translation was awful at release.
Newton and the Apple TreeVNDB8/15/2018Sol PressuncensoredcensoredH-scenes and sexual humor removed. A 17+ restoration patch is available that restores changes outside H-scenes.Download the official 18+ restoration patch
VR Kanojo4/19/2018IllusionuncensoredycensoredH-scenes removed.Download the official 18+ restoration patch

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Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossoms Walkthrough (Sekai Project. Version download edition. With the title “Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki”. Saku Saku: Love Blooms with the Cherry Blossoms / Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki / 恋がさくころ桜どき [English, Fix Patches Included]. /avg-free-85-download-for-xp/. Yep another recommendation. 'Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki' Or simply SakuSaku. One of my favourite visual novels is finally translated to english by Sekai project.