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Last updated: 12 Jul, 2019
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You do not have to activate a WinZip registration (i.e. use your Activation Code) with the computer on which you installed WinZip. You can use the Online Activation web page with any computer connected to the Internet.

Note: If you have installed a language version of WinZip other than English or if you have installed a multi-language version and it is running something other than English, please use the appropriate link from the list below.

After opening the Online Activation page, you will need to:

  1. Fill in the required fields (name of user, activation code, email address, verify email address)
  2. Fill in the additional fields, please, so that we can properly complete a user registration record
  3. Press the Activate button

After you do this, registration information will display. An email message will also be sent to the address you entered containing the same information. You should save the email message and/or you should copy the information and save that as a file, such as a text file or document file. A file may make things easier than a hard copy, as it will allow you to use copy and paste while entering the information into the WinZip Registration Information screen.

Online Activation Pages - Various Languages

German/DeutschChinese Simplified/简体中文
Italian/ItalianoChinese Traditional/簡體中文
Brazilian Portuguese/Português do BrasilRussian/Pусский

Firmware galaxy tab gt p1000 firmware. If you have further questions, please submit them in the Additional Information section of the What is my registration code? form.

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Learn how to use WinZip Registration Codes, WinZip Activation Codes and WinZip Registration Files to install your software. WinZip activation code For Free. First, download the WinZip Application and Install it On your PC. If you already Installed, then ignore this step.

Winzip Download Windows 10

Winzip Free Download

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