1. Kansas Paper Id

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Kansas Paper Id

Card stock used for the Kansas fake id – Teslin.
Scannable Kansas fake id – 1D bar code – 2D bar code.
License number format for the Kansas fake id – First “K”, then 8 digits.
Kansas fake id term – 6 years.
Kansas fake id key features –
Circle multi-color pearl-ex hologram next to photo.
DOB is raised print.
Kansas state flower visible on front under UV light.
Back of card glow under black light a ghost image and DOB.
Microprinting on front and back of card.

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Visitors should know there are actually two types of templates online which most confuse as the same. Most also have no idea the complexity/911-loose-change-1st-edition-8499/. in making even a decent fake id in hand. Templates offered for sale on websites are not laser card printer ready. They are made to overlay your information and image on top of an edited image of the ID card. Printing one of these templates onto a PVC or teslin card would not result in a usable fake id. Basically you would be printing an image onto the card stock lacking UV, microprint, raised text, perforated feature, and more. For example the current Florida driver license is printed using numerous sheets of polycarbonate card stock. Each sheet layer serves a different part of the printing process. One layer for the background, one layer for card holder image, one layer for the see through ghost image, and so forth. All sheets heated to fuse together making a finished id card. Any fake id template would need to be created to work with your laser card printers software. Weeks of test printing to ensure correct placement and color for every aspect of the replicated id. When you seriously want to make a passable fake id you need to know it takes extreme skills in graphic design and knowledge of the laser card printer you have to make them with. Not to mention sourcing the supplies needed which can be very difficult based on where you live. You should ensure your supply sources before buying a printer which is your largest investment costing thousands of dollars. OV and UV inks are easy to source, but the correct card material can be hard. In the USA for example polycarbonate sheets required for printing many new US states are regulated. Same as the paper used for making currency you need to have an upstanding printing company to be sold the sheets from one of the few suppliers. The supplier must vet you before they can legally sell to you or they can be held liable for not doing so. Ordering from overseas is an option, but is something Customs checks for, if intercepted it will not end well. Just remember where there is a will there is a way.

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