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Jpg To Paa

PAA is a native VBS2 file format format, used for images and textures. While the engine also support JPG files, PAA files can result in much better performance. To convert a TGA file into PAA format, use the TexView utility that comes with the development tools (will be located in P: tools tex), or the Arma version can be used as well. Paa Convert Program - free download suggestions. Graphic file converter for JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP, EMF, PNG, PCX, TGA, WMF, RAS, J2.


Hello there ! Well, everything is in the title, i'm looking for a way to convert .paa files to .png ! I have found that by using texview2, opening the paa and saving it manually to a .png actually work !

The problem is it's an horrible and boring way to do it, and i'm searching a way to batch it.

My goal is to extract all the .paa files of the map of DayZ : SA, convert them to .png and then do my own updated map. ( since the Stand Alone is in development, the map is modified regurlarly ! And i like to be up to date :p )

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