• Internet Worm Maker Thing is a free tool by which wich can make many kinds of malware and worms with the ability of infect victim’s drives, files, shows message, disable anti-virus software and much more.
  • Mio programma in vb6 crea virus in bat download:http://rapidshare.com/files/189255196/Worm_creator.rar.html.
  • Internet Worm Maker Thing V4.00; Malicious Page Maker; Injection Xss A Myspace 03/22 - 03/29 (8) 03/15 - 03/22 (5) 03.

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Infection Channel: Copies itself in all available physical drives, Propagates via removable drives, Propagates via software vulnerabilities, Propagates via network shares

This worm exploits a vulnerability in Server service that, when exploited, allows a remote user to execute arbitrary code on the infected system in order to propagate across networks.

To get a one-glance comprehensive view of the behavior of this Worm, refer to the Threat Diagram shown below.

Internet Worm Maker Thing V4


Vbswg 2 Beta Download

It propagates by dropping copies of itself in physical and removable drives. It also propagates over the Internet by attempting to send the exploit code to random Internet addresses.

It generates a set of URLs containing 250 random sites per day based on the UTC time standard.

It blocks access to websites that contain certain strings, which are mostly related to antivirus programs.

This worm arrives via removable drives. It may be dropped by other malware.

It modifies registry entries to disable various system services. This action prevents most of the system functions to be used.


Internet Worm Maker Thing Tool Download

It drops copies of itself into all the removable drives connected to an affected system. It drops copies of itself into network drives. It drops an AUTORUN.INF file to automatically execute the copies it drops when a user accesses the drives of an affected system. It exploits software vulnerabilities to propagate to other computers across a network.

Internet Worm Maker Thing Tool

It modifies certain registry entries to hide Hidden files. It prevents users from visiting antivirus-related websites that contain specific strings.