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Microsoft Standard Sata Ahci Controller

Sep 02, 2010  Therefore, you need to install the third party f6 driver to be able use the ahci controller/ (Ahci enabled in the bios.) OS like windows vista, 7, 2008 are supposed to have most recent f6 drivers and many other drivers. If I want to install and run Linux, I need my SSD’s SATA controller to be set to AHCI 1. Yet if I want to dual-boot with Windows, I need to use RAID to match the currently installed Intel vendor driver.

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I was thinking about my PC's configuration the other day, and came to the conclusion that I rather give Mac OS X the SSD (can't afford another at the moment).

  1. Installing hackintosh in PC having Non-AHCI support motherboard Hi Ra N. Unsubscribe from Hi Ra N? In this video i'm going to show you guys how to install hackintosh or iatkos on a pc which does not support hackintosh due to lack of ahci.
  2. Windows does not necessarily need to display this, but as long as a controller is listed as SATA and you get full speed from that controller that's a good hint that AHCI is enabled. (Note:If it says only IDE, then is a clear hint that its missing.) So go and try to install OSX on your Inspirion! And as always good luck to you, mate.

I cleaned up some hd space and ended up with 2 320GB hds spare. I went ahead and configured up a Raid 0 array and got Seven loaded and working with acceptable performance loss.

After finishing, I put my Mac OS X drive back on and proceeded to boot using a newish version of Chameleon (within a week recent) and I get 'waiting for root device' as if the OS is not able to access the controller.

I would prefer not to have to swap the raid mode back and forth. I essentially want to be able to boot a single disk into mac while the computer is in raid mode vs ahci.

I was trying this on a GA-z77x-ud3h, but since I got my z77x-ud5h, it just occured to me to change one of the sata 2 controllers. I request however that if someone knows how with just the intel controller, please share or point me to where my knowledge might be expanded.

Intel Ahci Controller


Ahci Controller Driver

Moved windows to the Marvell controller (had to use32bitdrivers for 7 64bit) just finished reinstalling! Now to migrate Mac to SSD.


Ahci Controller Driver Windows 10

So I just bought a new laptop (HP DV7t-7000) and a new SSD (120g OCZ Agility 3) to install in it as the boot drive because everyone here says it is the best ever and I cave to peer pressure.
I'm about to begin the SSD install process, and I can't find an option to turn on AHCI mode in the bios settings, which everyone says is step 1. I went toHP support and the low-level tech support guy I talk to says 'Oh, HP Laptops can't do AHCI mode.' This seems odd to me, as when I purchased the laptop, one of the drive options was an SSD. So I imagine this rig could support an SSD if it really wanted to.
So Help! How do I enable AHCI mode in bios if it doesn't appear to be a bios option? Is there some fix somewhere I can download?
And if AHCI 'isn't an option' for some insane reason, will the SSD still work or is it going to be less stable/dramatically slower? Am I just screwed?