1. Virtualbox Vs Vmware Workstation Pro
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Hi All,

Problem with Checkpoint. Note that even although we can install a windows VM elsewhere. /void-pantograph-software-download-free/. Just use the free version of vmware and we should be.

After some advice as i am at a loss on this one.
I am trying to install checkpoint R77.3 however after the initial setup runs i am unable to connect to the WebUI to complete the installation.
Host and Guest VM can ping and telnet to port 443 but whenever i browse to the device its as if its not online. I also get the same results using VMWare Player.
Haven't actually tried wireshark yet but i cant find info of anyone having this issue anywhere so i must have something wrong lol
Setup is as below:
Windows 10 HostInstall
Host Only Network:
Gaia VM
Host Only Network:

Virtualbox Vs Vmware Workstation Pro

Host Only Network:

Vmware Virtualbox Download

Virtualbox vs vmware

Vmware Vs Virtualbox

Virtualbox Download

Im a novice at VM so go easy on me