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iTools lets you manage your Apple devices through an intuitive interface on your Windows computer. Import your photos, manage your apps, and more with this convenient alternative program.


Ringtone maker: In addition to all of the features you'd expect from a program that helps you manage your device's data, iTools also lets you create ringtones from music on your computer and then load them to your phone. Just pick the track you want to use, and let the app do the rest.

iTunes access: From iTools, you can access all of your iTunes backup files, as well as the App Store. That way, you can easily pull up both new and older data, photos, and more, all from the same convenient place.

App management options: When you pull up the list of apps you have installed on your phone, you'll see three buttons next to each. These let you uninstall the app, back up any new app data, or browse the app's file information.


Download ihelper english free shared files. Ihelper.exe from all world's most popular shared hosts.

Slow loading: Some images loaded a bit slowly during testing, as did app data. The wait times weren't so long as to make them inconvenient, although if you do have a lot of apps on your phone, you might have to wait a bit for them all to come up.

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Bottom Line

iTools offers an intuitive interface and a nice array of features to make managing your Apple mobile device as convenient as possible. It's a free program, and it runs smoothly, making it a good choice for anyone looking for a good all-in-one option.

What do you need to know about free software?

The main idea of ​​the iHelper Free EA is to create a simple and convenient tool that can analyze and make available a lot of parameters that are necessary for successful trading. iHelper Free will keep on developing, while new functionality and features will be added to it. This tool is my gift to all my friends and clients that I have prepared for my 40th birthday. That is why iHelper Free will always be free of charge for you.

Key Features of iHelper Free

Control actions are performed from the external dashboard, so there is no need to open parameters in order to set new values.

  • Shows general information about the account and the broker, to which the program is connected;
  • Shows VSA (Volume Spread Analysis) and a simplified analysis base on this technique;
  • Shows and sends notifications when two moving averages intersect;
  • Shows and sends notifications when the price crosses the moving average;
  • You can choose any combination of signals (a sound alert, a popup window, email and push notifications).

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Bars2Check – the number of bars used for calculations. Set a lower value if your PC is not very powerful

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