If you're having problems with your connection, we suggest that you run a ping test.

Huawei E3231 Drivers For Dongle Key

Find out how to:

To run a ping test on Windows XP or Vista:

  1. Open your 3Connect dashboard and plug in your dongle

  2. Wait until you see a message saying 'Ready to connect' and then click Click to connect

  3. Click Help in the top menu of your 3Connect dashboard

  4. In Advanced tools, select Run ping test

  5. This window will open:

The Huawei E3231 is the latest Standard Dongle to be sold by the Three network, replacing the Huawei E353 Modem. The E3231 dongle has a maximum download speed of 21Mbps and a maximum upload speed of 5.76Mbps. Download the latest drivers for your Huawei USB devices to keep your Computer up-to-date. I have this HUAWEI E3231 USB Dongle, it was on contract from THREE. I ended the contract and unlocked the dongle. I have put the various setting into the dongle in a new profile but it will not pick up any signal with the GiffGaff sim in it.

To run a ping test on Mac OS X:

  1. Go to Finder

  2. Go to Utilities

  3. Select Network Utility

  4. Select Ping

  5. Enter '' into the Please enter the network address to ping box

  6. Change Send only ..pings to 4

  7. Select Ping

  8. Repeat the test, changing the Please enter the network address to ping box to embedded 2009 posready multi.

    Ping test results.

    You can find your test results in the Ping statistics for each individual test.

    If you're successfully connected, the Packets section should have sent and received four packets. If this was the case but you're still having problems browsing, click here for some other tips on how to fix this issue.

    If only test two of two was successful, you may need to check that you have an active Mobile Broadband Add-on.

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