1. Sketchup House Builder Plugin Download
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  • Jul 06, 2011  Step by step process on how to download, unzip, install and use Google SketchUp Plugins. Step by step process on how to download, unzip, install and use Google SketchUp Plugins.

Updated Dec 26, 2010 What are Plugins Beginning with version 4, SketchUp has shipped with an embedded Ruby-language interpreter allowing anyone to write Ruby scripts which can automate, extend, and customize SketchUp. You can download extensions from the Extension Warehouse, which is an online repository of extensions. To install a SketchUp Ruby plugin script with the.rbz format.

You love what you do. Now love how you do it.


Get good fast

There’s a reason SketchUp is synonymous with friendly and forgiving 3D modeling software: we don’t sacrifice usability for the sake of functionality. Start by drawing lines and shapes. Push and pull surfaces to turn them into 3D forms. Stretch, copy, rotate and paint to make anything you like.

Turn models into documents

At some point in most 3D projects, you’ll need to turn your model into a drawing set that gets the point across. LayOut in SketchUp Pro lets you add model views to pages, choose drawing scales, adjust line weights, and add dimensions, callouts, and graphics. Make a change to your SketchUp model, and find it reflected automatically in LayOut. And when it’s time, export pages as PDFs, images and CAD files.

Find a 3D model of anything

Why model everything from scratch? Whether it’s a chair for the room you’re designing or a rhino for your zoo, you’ll find anything you need in 3D Warehouse, the world’s biggest library of free 3D models. And anyone can use 3D Warehouse to store and share models. Upload your best work and become a SketchUp legend. Patch obscure 2 italiano.

Customize Your SketchUp

Extensions are add-on tools built to solve the kind of modeling problems that might otherwise leave you scratching your head. And there are hundreds for you to explore.

Graphics Pipeline 2.0

What matters more than how fast, smoothly, and reliably SketchUp renders your models?

In this release, we’ve made major improvements to our graphics pipeline, allowing for performance improvements everywhere you see a .SKP. Now, SketchUp, 3D Warehouse, LayOut, my.SketchUp, and Trimble Connect all render models using the same under-the-hood algorithms—all tuned for buttery 3D orbiting.

See (through) that?

Along with our graphics pipeline overhaul, we’ve made big improvements to transparency, which should now render faster and at higher quality too. SketchUp is also now much better at displaying multiple transparencies to provide a more realistic sense of depth across several see-through faces. And for good measure, we’ve added the ability to fine-tune the opacity level in X-ray mode.


Visually striking, stunning results:

V-Ray offers state-of-the-art rendering technology for your most demanding projects.

Production proven, cutting edge features and lightning fast, V-Ray is ready to take your renders to the next level.




V-Ray 3.40.04 .svm package (optional, read above)

Sketchup House Builder Plugin Download


Plugins Pack .svm (optional)

Enscape 2.3.2 Plugin .svm (optional)[Dec.02,2018]