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Download; USB Booting; Burning; Screenshots; HOWTOs; FAQ; Hiren’s BootCD 10.6. File archiver with a high compression ratio Supports 7z, ARJ, BZIP2.

  1. Hi I need add ghost32 to Hiren’s CD v15.2 Windows Mini XP. Ghost32.7z; Ghost32 is found but not work. Download and unpack it to a.
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Hi I need add ghost32 to Hiren’s CD v15.2 Windows Mini XP.

I found this tutorial.

Hiren Download Boot Cd

My steps:

  • With HBCDCustomizer I extract ISO

  • Create folder C:Ghost

  • Copy Ghost32.exe and uharc.exe to C:Ghost folder

  • uharc create file Ghost32.uha

  • Ghost32.uha need to be copy .CDHBCDWinToolsFiles. (from tutorial)

  • But HBCD folder contains these folders:

  • Boot
  • Programs
    • Files
  • XP

  • I don’t know in which folder I need copy Ghost32.uha file or if I need copy Ghost32.exe or any other file somewhere.

  • First I copied only Ghost32.uha to .CDHBCDProgramsFiles. Result in Windows Mini Xp Ghost32 is not found.

  • Second attempt. Folder ProgramsFiles contains 7z files so I triedcopy to this folder

    • Ghost32.uha
    • Ghost32.7z
  • Ghost32 is found but not work.

Any advice how add Ghost32 to Windows XP in Hiren’s CD v15.2?

Ghost32 V11 Download

Ghost32.7z Hiren Download

1 Answer

  1. Download and unpack it to a folder (forexample, D:Hirens.BootCD.15.2).
  2. Run D:Hirens.BootCD.15.2HBCDCustomizer.exe, follow stepsA-D as shown on the picture and wait until extraction is done.
  3. Download Ghost or Ghost and copy it toD:MyBootCDCDHBCDProgramsFiles.
  4. Follow steps E-F as shown on the picture and wait until imagecreation is finished.
  5. Run D:Hirens.BootCD.15.2BurnToCD.cmd and burn a newly createdimage.
  6. D:MyBootCDMyHBCD.iso to a blank CD.
Andrey KazakAndrey Kazak
Ghost32.7z Hiren Download

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