I will try to keep the instructions on how to create an entry in MO for. Spoiler Once. Mod Organizer - FNIS.

  • Watch video  Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS; Fores New Idles in Skyrim. Start the FNIS generator. The FNIS user tool then collects all this data and creates ONE set.
  • For FNIS related mods, need to run FNIS generator (for users) prior entering game' Make sure you tick the correct boxes (7 of them), read what modder tell you and tick the right box.
Posted by2 years ago

Ok, so i have like 60 mods installed, i use Wrye Bash and LOOT and TES5Edit when necessary.

I have literally no problems with the game, all the mods are working fine, no bugs, CTDs, nothing.

I need to install this FNIS mod because i wanna use DSR. But the GenerateFNISforUsers.exe and the hkxcmd.exe doesn't appear inside the data/tools/GenerateFNISforUsers inside my Skyrim directory.

My Steam folder is not inside the ProgramFiles, i moved it because of Wrye Bash.

I could just put these .exes inside the paste but every single mod i've installed was using only Wrye Bash, i didn't have to do a manual installation once and i'm afraid of doing something wrong going manual.

What do i do? I've checked the videos on the mod description but they just cover NMM and MO installation and the .exe file that i need appears just fine for them. Can somebody help me please?


This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game.

Mods requiring this file

Mod nameNotes
2H Animation - Warden StanceHave not tested using it without FNIS
Adult Show XXX - ASX - deutsch
Adult Show XXX - ASX - French
Angel And Fallen Race Beta 2.0 Mod And Fix
Animated Armoury - New Weapons with third person animationsMake Sure you get the Latest Version
Animated Prostitution - FrenchPréconisé pour installer AP en mode FNIS
AnimationSelectoR (ASR1)
Art of the Catch - Deutsch
Art of the Catch - Polish Translation
BAMM - BodySlide Armour Merge Mod
Blood of Olympus-Zeus
CHSBHC v3 and ADM -- BBP TBBP Nude Body replacers---
Cirilla (Ciri) Fiona Elen Riannon - Witcher 3 Voiced Follower - Japanese Voice Patch
Code Artemisia - Over Powered Human Cyborg Follower
Combat Fatigue
Dalilah - The Vulpine AssassinHighly recommended - Hair and body physics won't work without it
Dodge Animation
Dragon Aspect - Toggleable and Unlimited - Wings Only Patch
EatingSleepingDrinking - KuNeruNomu -
Edda - Addon for Real Flying
Ella Revamped - Follower And Racemenu PresetONLY FOR THE HDT VERSION
Eltmer (Fairy Race)Only the main file is required.
Emote - Rest
Enderal- Fores New Idles Patch - FNIS Patch
EngardeFor dodging feature only, safe to skip if not using dodging, can use Nemesis too.
Estrus pour Skyrim
Female Cover Self Animations
Feminine Jarl Sitting AnimationFor Gender Specific Animations
Feminine Pickup AnimationGender Specific Animations.
Flower Girls - Scenes bucoliques en BordecielA lancer après l'installation de Flower Girls !
Flower Girls - Traduction francaise
Flower Girls for Skyrim 32bit
Flower Girls for Skyrim 32bit - Russian Localisation
FNIS - convert Player Idle spell to powerFNISspells.esp
FNIS Copy and Execute
FNIS Flyer
FNIS PCEA2 - Player Exclusive Animations (dynamic)
FNIS Sexy Move
FNIS Spells Rings
Frostfall - HDT Backpacks
Fully voiced follower Kimshin in Kangmina
Giantess Mod - Size Matters
HDT Tail for MaTera
HOT Mess
Immersive Animated Looting LE Port
Leona The Barbarian Follower CBBE HDT
M.A.R.I. - Advanced Companion Mod
M.A.R.I. - Advanced Companion Mod - Spanish
Magistrate Levitate (formerly Levitate Revamped)Mandatory - You will need FNIS to manage the animations
MCBM and MCBM(S) Female Body Replacer ( HDT ready ) Nude mod
Mist Flight Revised 2.0Essential to work
Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Essentials
Music and Dancing in the Luxury Suite
My Argonian preset for RaceMenu
Nameless Swordsmanship (two-handed)
Nordic 2handed attack animations
OSA - Russain Localisation
OSA - Skyrim Ascendancy Engine
OSex - Legacy Version 1.06
OSEX - Russain Localisation
Pahe reborn aka Paradise Halls Enhanced - Skyrim Slavery WIPrun this after install to register the sex animations included
Paradise Halls Enhanced - Skyrim Slavery WIP (Russian translation)Запустить после установки мода
PC Exclusive Animation Path
Petting Dialogue
Play Random Idle
Poser Hotkeys
Poser Hotkeys Plus- For 2.2.1 -Simplifiled Chinese Translation
Potions Animated (Flee while you drink)
Pretty Motion Collection
Real Flying (with Gliding and Collisions)
Reclaim Your Honor - Seppuku
Requiem - Animated Armoury Patch
Ride Sharing
Rina Preset
Rowena Gilvardelle Saved Game
Russian translation for Poser Hotkeys Plus
Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones - Standalone Follower Mod
Seductress New UNP Preset
Shake It Some More - Dance Animations Addon and Framework
Skyrim Romance
Skyrim Romance 3.0 Deutsch
Skyrim Romance VOSTFR
Skyrim Spear MechanicNeed this for animations to work.
Sona - A League of Legends Follower in SkyrimRemember to run FNISGenerateForUsers
Spartan Kick
TBSC -Transparency BodySuit-Collection
Testes Killer
The Humiliation of Wonder Woman
Tropical Islands realoaded
True Spear Combat - Weapons and Animations
Two Handed Badass Samurai or Ronin Animations ReplacerNeed for pcea to work
Ultimate Superman - Supergirl ModIf using the optional animation packs
Useless Follower AutoK
XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE7.2 or newer
Yennefer of Vengerberg - The Witcher 3 Voiced Standalone Follower - Japanese Voice Patch
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Author's instructions

The FNIS Behavior can only be downloaded and used in the described way. Without my express permission you are NOT ALLOWED
to upload FNIS Behavior TO ANY OTHER SITE
to distribute FNIS Behavior as part of another mod
to distribute modified versions of FNIS Behavior
to make money with files which are part of FNIS Behavior , or which are created with the help of FNIS Behavior
You can use and modify FNIS Spells in any way that does not prevent running (the original) FNIS Spells in its described way. Simply give credit, and inform me when you include it into your mod.

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Generate Fnis For Users

Generate fnis for users already running

Generate Fnis For Users Mod Organizer

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