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Red Bull Air Race Course, Monument Valley, Utah (UT), v0.5. Includes the pylons for the course, a control tower and a few tents and concession stands. By Nick Mathews.

Fsx Red Bull


Please read the other Readme file if you have microsoft word, if not, use this readme.
I have added the pylons for the race course, a control tower and a few tents and concession stands. I plan to later add more details such as some roads near the course, more buildings and some details for Oljato Airport. All these objects are default and come with FSX, thus you are not installing any new models or anything, so you need not be worried about a low frame rate.
This zip file contains only one file needed to install the course into FSX. The BGL file named “RB Mon Valley Race Course,” must be placed into FSX/Addon Scenery/.
Doing the following will automatically load the scenery into FSX. Or you can create a new folder inside the addon scenery folder, name it scenery. IE FSX/Addon Scenery/RedBullAirRaceUtah/Scenery.
Place the bgl in the last folder. By doing that you will have to add the scenery file in the FSX Settings/Scenery Library. Select “add scenery” and navigate to the BGL file.

Getting There:
Go to Oljato Airport, ICAO code 05UT in Utah, USA. Click this link to see 05UT details Take off from runway 14. Make a standard 20 degree turn left to a heading of 090 degrees. Climb to appx 6600 ft. Flying the Extra 300s at max power should take you a little less than five minutes. Keep looking out your left hand side to locate the airport.

Red Bull Air Race Track Introduction New York - Mike Goulian Zivko Edge 540 - Duration: 2. DLE-30 Engine Thrust Test with Mejzlik 19X8 Carbon Prop - Duration: 2:02. RC Flyer News 33,226 views. Part 6, Helicopters - Duration: 17:17. CountryFlyboy 14,463 views. Razbam Grumman A-6 Intruder back to the fleet - Duration: 3:33. VPmagal 20,963 views. Kirby Chambliss.

Looking for people who want to create an online air racing community, if you have any skills, programming, html, modeling, painting, scenery design, ATC skills, and you want to contribute please email me!
-Nick Mathews

These files may be uploaded to any other website. These files are FREEWARE and may not be sold, or put on any site that charges for downloading free files. The files found in this archive may not be distibuted on CD or ANY medium for any kind of fee, including the cost of production, materials or postage.

The North American B-25J 'Red Bull' (N6123C) is owned and operated by The Flying Bulls and stationed in Salzburg. This repaint requires version 7 of MAAM-Sim's B25 package for FSX. By Tim Scharnhop.


This download requires the previous installation of the B-25 package (version 7) for FSX available from MAAM-SIM, and presumes a standard installation of this package.

1. Unzip Maam_B25_RedBull_FSX.zip to a temporary folder, ensuring that you retain folder names.

2. Within the download, move the texture folder 'texture.redbull' to the folder 'MAAM-SIM B-25J Briefing Time' within your 'Microsoft Flight Simulator XSimObjectsAirplanes' folder.

3. Back up the corresponding Aircraft.cfg file (should you wish) and open the original with a text editor. Enter the following sections under the last [flightsim.XX] entry, numbering them sequentially:

title=B-25J 'Red Bull'
ui_manufacturer=North American
ui_variation='Red Bull'
ui_typerole='Twin Engine Prop'
Crack no cd star wars battlefront 2 1.1. description=The B-25J 'Red Bull' (N6123C) is owned and operated by The Flying Bulls and stationed in Salzburg, Austria. By Tim Scharnhop.

Red Bull Rc Helicopter

4. Save the file. You're done. Your new aircraft will now appear in the aircraft selection menu within the sim.

This repaint by Tim Scharnhop is uploaded as a freeware enhancement to the MAAM-SIM B-25 package and is uploaded as a texture set only.

Red bull wikipedia


Bill Rambow, Jan Visser, Fred Banting, Robert Young, Hans-Joerg Naegele, Howard Sodja, Mark Beaumont, Rob Cappers and Tim Scharnhop of MAAM-SIM for the Maam-Sim B-25 package for FSX.

Red Bull Ingredients

Jan Visser for the base photoreal and other textures.

The Mid Atlantic Air Museum.

Fsx Red Bull Air Race Missions

By Tim Scharnhop

Red Bull Wikipedia

Screenshot of Red Bull B-25 in flight.