Omnimo brings Free Windows 8 Theme for Window 7 using Rainmeter as basic framework. This gives exact look and feel of Windows 8 UI where you can have live tiles, mails, weather widgets, music player, facebook icons etc. Aug 24, 2017  Get free featured desktop themes for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1, and Windows 10.

  1. New Latest Themes For Windows 7 Free Download

Windows 7 is already out and so are the Windows 7 themes. Below is the list of Windows 7 themes free download which you can install and get Aero effect in different colours like blue, green and even apple and mac theme if you want to. You can learn how to change and manage windows 7 themes by reading the post.

Some themes are country based. For example, You might find some theme for India which is not available for the US. You can find more unlocked and secret features of Windows 7 here. Once downloaded you will need to double click to install them. Also, check our Second part of theme collection here

Download Free Windows 7 Themes

  • The Dark Night Theme
  • Black Themes
  • Game Themes
  • Inception Movie Theme and Wallpaper
  • Movie Themes
  • Mac Themes
  • Windows 8 Theme
  • Iron Man 2 Theme
  • Pink Themes
  • Car and Bike Themes
  • Shrek Forever After Theme
  • Nasa Themes
  • Windows Phone 7 UI
  • XP “Royale Blue” Theme
  • Shamrocks Theme
  • High Definition Theme Pack
  • Valentines Day Theme
  • Forza 3 Themepack
  • Windows 7 Office 2010
  • 7 Up Theme
  • Smashing Magazine
  • Longhorn
  • Official Ferrari Theme
  • Sico theme
  • Red Theme
  • ThaImpact VS Black Theme
  • Mac Theme Pack
  • Colourful Themes

The Dark Night Theme

Download Windows 7 Black Themes

You can grab it from here

Download Windows 7 Game Themes

Find the theme here

Download Inception Movie Theme and Wallpaper

Download Movie Themes for Windows 7

Mac Themes for Windows 7

Use Mac and Windows machine both, get Mac themes on Windows 7 and forget the difference. Choose from the list here

Windows 8 Theme for Windows 7

Download ( Includes Video Demo using Omnimo and Rainmeter)

Download Iron Man 2 Theme

Download Windows 7 Pink Themes

Download Windows 7 Car and Bike Themes

Download Shrek Forever After Theme for Windows 7

Download Nasa Themes for Windows 7

New Latest Themes For Windows 7 Free Download

Download Windows Phone 7 UI For Windows 7

Download XP “Royale Blue” Theme for Windows 7

Download Shamrocks Windows 7 Theme

High Definition Theme Pack

Download Valentines Day Windows 7 Theme

Download this pink theme with pink wallpaper from here.

Download Forza 3 Themepack for Windows 7

Download from here

Free full themes windows 7

Download Windows 7 Office 2010 Theme

Features :

  • Ribbon-like Start Menu.
  • Ribbon Context Menu
  • Office 2010 Hover in Favorite List
  • New Nav, Context, Shell style expand animation.
  • Download

Download Windows 7 Up Theme

Smashing Magazine January 2010 Desktop Wallpaper Windows 7 Theme

This theme is heavy and the download size is 32 MB. Download the theme Via Tim Heuer

Longhorn theme:

Download from here

Download Official Ferrari Theme for Windows 7


Sico theme:

Windows 7 Red Theme

ThaImpact VS Black Theme

Especially for lovers of Black Theme and you gonna love the black windows 😉 Download from here

Mac Theme Pack for Windows 7

Download Colourful Themes for Windows 7

Download and Install it: Windows 7 Themes

Windows 98 Themes for Windows 7

Free New Themes For Windows 7 Download

Remember windows 98 jungle themes? If you want them on Windows 7 here is a list of theme which you can download.

  • Jungle theme pack for Windows 7
  • Mystery theme pack for Windows 7
  • Baseball theme pack for Windows 7
  • Travel theme pack for Windows 7
  • Windows 98 themes pack for Windows 7

Once you have these Windows 7 Themes, make sure to double click to start the installation process. Once installed you can go to personalization and change things as you wish.

More Options: Looking for Windows XP themes?Try These Dont miss Amazing Windows 7 high definition theme pack

Have you gone fed up from watching same boring face of your pc and want something new in it? Then why don’t you try some creative themes? If you are a regular user of windows 7 then the appearance must be changed after some time. There are many themes present on internet that not even change the background but also change the taskbar, icons and windows appearance too. With the help of windows 7 themes, you pc will looks always brand new every time you turn it on.

It has become too tedious if you want to beautiful themes for windows 7 to make your desktop stand and make it look nice and beautiful, here are some of the beautiful windows 7 themes that I have collected in some time. Themes of windows 7 contain lots of features and one of them is mouse cursor. Yes, the mouse cursor can also be customizable and all this is possible with these themes. There are many options for choosing a suitable theme based on nature, abstract, technology, scify, movies or games. It is very difficult to choose a good theme for your desktop that is why a list of 40 plus themes is illustrated below. Choose any of them on the basis of your preference and decorate your pc now.

Astral Windows 7 Themes

Firedance Evolution Windows 7 Themes

Zune Longhorn X64 Windows 7 Theme

Vista pink pastel Windows 7 Theme

dEEP 7 2.0 – Windows 7 Themes

NOOTO port to Win7 – Window 7 Themes

Tequilla for win 7 – Window 7 Themes

VeinsVS v1.0 for Windows 7 – Windows 7 Theme

Longhorn Evolution 2.0 –Windows 7 Theme

If you are looking for windows 8.1 themes you can checkout them here.

Vienna Windows 7 Theme

Crescendo Theme for Windows 7

Kyoto 2.0 Windows 7 Themes

Edge 2.0 Windows 7 Theme

Night Line Beta 1 – Windows 7 Theme

Mac 7 theme for Windows 7 Theme

Zune QuickPlay Theme for Windows 7

Windows Strata40 – Windows 7 Themes

APPOLON THEMES for Windows 7

Longhorn Aero Windows 7 Theme

Acrylic 7 Windows 7 theme

Spot Windows 7 Theme

Elegant-Glass-V2 Windows 7 Themes

Adiemus project Windows 7 themes

Capriccio 7 debug Windows Theme

White Line Beta 3 Windows 7 Themes

Longhorn Evolution Windows 7 Themes

RoBy46 Windows 7 Theme

APPOWS2010 Windows 7 Themes

Sonye Theme for Windows 7

Fudge Windows 7 Theme