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The Ford Tractor Repair Manual is designed for use with Series 2000, 3000 and 4000 tractors. The manual is produced by I&T/Clymer, the most trusted source of tractor repair manuals since 1945. The in-depth repair guide is written by professionals with the experienced mechanic in mind and features helpful tips from those that know the tractors the best. The easy-to-use format includes a quick reference guide and no-nonsense instructions to get the job done. There are even helpful tips throughout the manual to save time and ensure perfect results. Illustrations, photos, exploded views and diagrams are used throughout the manual to enhance the text. This manual also includes wiring diagrams for all of the compatible tractors.

This manual is compatible with the following Ford tractors:

  • Ford New Holland Series 2000 Three-Cylinder
  • Ford New Holland Series 3000 Three-Cylinder
  • Ford New Holland Series 4000 Three-Cylinder

This manual covers the following Ford tractors manufactured before 1975:

  • Ford New Holland 2100 All Purpose Low Center Gravity (L.C.G.)
  • Ford New Holland 4100 All Purpose
  • Ford New Holland 4100 All Purpose L.C.G.
  • Ford New Holland 4140 S.U.
  • Ford New Holland 4200 Row Crop

NOTE: Includes wiring diagrams for all models.

Book Excerpt: Ford Tractor Repair Manual Series 2000, 3000, 4000

(All Models)

The 'Select-O-Speed' transmission is a planetary gear drive unit providing ten forward and two reverse speeds. Desired gear ratio is selected by moving a control lever and starting, stopping or changing gear ratios is accomplished without operation of a conventional clutch.

A foot-operated feathering valve is provided for interrupting the gear train in case of emergency or for close maneuvering such as the hitching or unhitching of implements.

On models 2000, 3000 and 4000, the 'Select-O-Speed' transmission is available with three PTO options; it is available without a PTO, with a single speed 540 RPM PTO or with a two speed 540-1000 RPM PTO which also incorporates a ground drive speed PTO.

8n ford tractor repair manual

For better understanding of the operation of the 'Select-O-Speed' transmission, fundamental operating principles of a planetary gear system are outlined in following paragraphs 219 through 226.

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I bought the Ford 3000 Tractor manual FO-31 since I recently purchased this tractor and sure enough, right away had to put it to use. I am not a mechanic and rarely work on motorized vehicles, so when I do, I have to use the best tech manual I can get my hands on. So this was actually the first time I had to take a system apart and put back together.

This manual was very helpful in step by step disassembly with detailed views of how the parts all fit in sequence. So all I had to do was look at the book and remove as instructed, go buy the right replacement parts and reassemble via the book again. My power take-off shaft was sheared so because of this manual I got to learn all about power take-off system and how to take apart and reassemble and it now works great, but I have to get out the manual again due to an ignition problem therefore it will be put to use again. Thanks Ford IandT guys!

andmdash; Billy P Lindsay Jr.

Owners manual for ford tractor 8n
Subject: Ford farm tractor Series 2000, 3000, 4000 service, maintenance, and repair procedures. ISBN-10: 0872880958 ISBN-13: 9780872880955 I&T FO31

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The PDF manual covers

Massey Ferguson T20, TE20, TE-A20, TE-D20, TE-F20, TE-H20

ENGINES COVERED: Petrol engine, 80mm bore (TE-A20) Petrol engine, 85mm bore (TE-A20) Vaporising oil engine, 85mm bore (TE-D20) Lamp oil engine 85mm bore (TE-H20) Diesel engine (TE-F20)
Specifications - Engine - Cooling System - Fuel System - Governor - Electrical - Lighting - Clutch - Transmission - Axle - Hydraulics - Power Take Off - Steering - Brakes - Wheels and Tires - Body - Narrow and Industrial Variants - Special Tools - and much more.

About the Massey Ferguson TE20

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The model name came from Tractor, England 20 horsepower . The TE range of Ferguson tractors was introduced in England in 1946,following 30 years of continuous development of 'The Ferguson System' from 1916. The first work was to design a plough and linkage to integrate the tractor with its work in a manner that was an engineering whole. The automatic control system is now employed by almost all tractor manufacturers worldwide. A British patent was applied for by Harry Ferguson in 1925 and granted the following year. By the early 1930s the linkage design was finalised and is now adopted as international standard category I. Just one prototype Ferguson System tractor, known as the Ferguson Black, was built to further technical development and for demonstrating to potential manufacturers. During 1936 the first production Ferguson tractors were built in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, by the David Brown Company.

8n Ford Tractor Repair Manual Free

Massey Ferguson T20, TE20, TE-A20, TE-D20, TE-F20, TE-H20 Tractor factory workshop and repair manual