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  1. Bios Password Removal Tool Free

Someone has set a HDD password on my Dell Laptop and has forgotten it. Now I have lost HDD access.

Unlocking a password protected harddisk. During development of the Rockbox firmware, on several occations the harddisk has become locked, i.e. Password protected.

I've heard there's no way to recover HDD password, then I saw some tools like HDD Unlock Wizard which does the job, but the price is almost equivalent to a new HDD. Then I'd rather buy a new HDD instead.

Bios Password Removal Tool Free

Is there any free utility to recover or remove the HDD password? I don't mind if the data is lost.

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In an answer to a similar question I found a link to an article on HDD passwords. The HDD password is defined as part of the ATA specifications, and it's implemented in the drive firmware. This is a simple lock, but since it's implemented in the drive, it can't be bypassed by clearing CMOS or connecting the drive to another system. Some technical knowledge (and possibly some additional hardware) is required.

It's not possible to recover the password (at least not without disassembling the drive controller chip), but getting around it could be accomplished with additional hardware. If it's your laptop's boot drive, you'll need to boot to CD/USB or connect the drive to another system.

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Have you tried this software: /genesis-head-morph-resource-kit-1-download/.

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