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Extensis Portfolio 3.0 for Windows and Mac. Unknown Platform. Upgrade Portfolio 8.5 From Version 6-8 Retail Box 1U Mac. Audible Download Audiobooks. Extensis Portfolio 8.5.8 - Set of powerful tools for managing digital content. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted MacUpdate. Extensis Portfolio Server 8.5 is a. Portfolio Server 8.5 for workgroups will be available for download and. Portfolio 8.5 will also support Mac OS.

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I'd agree. There's actually not 1 seriously great image cataloguing program out there. Such a shame. We use bridge/lightroom for processing raw images but even that is as slow as portfolio to add/view data. And slower yet to do searches (if you think Portfolio is bad, bridge/lightroom are way slower and more expensive. So we add metadata but can't use it as a search tool. We're waiting for a better solution. There are a lot of other wanna be image programs but they are viewers more than anything. PROS about portfolio: Portfolio is more like a library catalogue (which is clunky compared to modern times) but EXTREMELY powerful cataloguing program. It can embed and export metadata into images which is awesome and simple. Speed hasn't been an issue with us and we run 1 catalog with over 20,000 images on a PC and another with 7,000 images on mac. The PC can be slow but it's a dog of a computer and it's the network that's slow not the program! If you have speed issues, try upgrading your machine. CONS: I agree with other comments tho, it's necessary to be able to embed metadata into raw files and be able to rotate them. That is crazy in a pro photo program! It is also for the serious/pro cataloguers who love it, but for photographers it's too time consuming for them or they don't understand the power of the fields. Shame they haven't kept up to date with the user's needs.