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Enterprise Architect 10 2014 :Enterprise Architect software suitable for the production and software development with UML 2.1 support and user-friendly visual interface with ultra-high performance, the modeling process in a software development Mac is. In addition to the Enterprise Architect to reverse engineer the code and use the source code widely used languages ​​such as C ++, C #, Java, Delphi, VB.Net, Visual Basic and PHP to achieve an early version of the current program is also supported. Support for CORBA and Python, as well as syntax highlighting, code editor, allowing integration (integration) with a variety of programming environments (IDE), allowing simultaneous evaluation of the codes and models in an environment of very high-speed operation, design and coding takes the transition between the designers and coding prevents.
Features Of Enterprise Architect 10 2014 :
1. Developed UML
2. Use of Models Case, Logical, Dynamic and Physical
3. Compatible with MS Word
4. The Mac is designed to add attachments needed to model
5. Simple interface requires no training
6. Data modeling, engineering databases
7. Multi-user
8. Supports standard UML 2.3
9. Ability to Import and Extract XMI 2.1
10. Reporting in HTML and RTF formats
11. The MDA
12. Testing, tracking and maintenance
13. Support for reverse engineering code in more than 10 languages
14. Unable to import the database schema
15. Ability to code image XSD and WXSD
16. Import binary code of Java and NET
17. High speed
18. New Spell checker
19. And … Many More
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Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 12.1.1229 Corporate Edition 48 MB

Enterprise Architect is an exceptional tool with high end capabilities and a rich set of features to help manage information and innovate in today’s complex and demanding environment. At a price significantly lower than competing tools.Enterprise Architect has a long and proven track record in a wide range of industries across more than 160 countries. For 15 years it has been continually developed, enhanced and refined to meet the emerging needs of programmers, business analysts, enterprise architects, testers, project managers, designers and others. Based on open standards and proven best-practice, Enterprise Architect can comfortably scale from small single user models to large team based repositories and even to globally distributed Cloud based solutions.

Precise and effective
– SysML
– Archimate
– ArcGIS
– Zachman
– Based on UML 2.5 – plus
– Fully integrated
– Requirements Management
– Project Management
– Maintenance
– Test Management
– Document generation
– Code Engineering
– Simulation
– Debugging
– Execution Analysis and Recording
– Scripting
– Profiling

High Value, End-To-End Modeling
With built-in requirements management capabilities, Enterprise Architect helps you trace high-level specifications to analysis, design, implementation, test and maintenance models using UML, SysML, BPMN and other open standards.

Speed, Stability and Performance
Fast! Enterprise Architect users agree – Enterprise Architect is a spectacularly fast performer, loading extremely large models in seconds.

Enterprise Architect Trial

Business Simulation
Bring your models to life using dynamic model simulation. Verify the correctness of your behavioral models and gain a better understanding of how a business system works.

End-to-End Traceability
Enterprise Architect provides complete traceability from requirements, analysis and design models, through to implementation and deployment.

Model, Manage and Trace Requirements
Capture and trace formal requirements to design, build, deployment and beyond. Use impact analysis to trace proposed changes to original requirements. Build the right system.

Manage Complexity
Enterprise Architect helps individuals, groups and large organizations model and manage complex information. By integrating and connecting a wide range of structural and behavioral information in visual form, you can build a coherent, verifiable model of what-is or what-will-be.

Enterprise Architect 11.1

Powerful Document Generation
Enterprise Architect provides powerful document generation and reporting tools with a full WYSIWYG template editor. Generate detailed reports with the information you need in the format your company or client demands! At the click of a button automatically produce HTML versions of your model for easy distribution over the Internet or your organization’s intranet.

Generation and Reverse Engineering of Source Code
Enterprise Architect supports generation and reverse engineering of source code for many popular languages.

Visualize your Applications
Enterprise Architect helps you visualize your applications by supporting reverse engineering of a wide range of software development languages and database repository schema.

Ac nielsen nitro software. Advanced Model Driven Architecture
Enterprise Architect supports advanced Model Driven Architecture (MDA) transformations using easy to edit transform templates.

Debugging, Compiling and Visualizing Executing Code
Enterprise Architect enables you to build, test, debug, run and execute deployment scripts, all from within the Enterprise Architect development environment.

Automation – Harness the Power
The Automation Interface lets you access the internals of Enterprise Architect models.

Powerful Database Modeling
Enterprise Architect’s built-in Data Modeling profile extends UML to provide an intuitive mapping from the database concepts of tables and relationships onto the UML concepts of classes and associations.

Systems Engineering and Simulation
Integrating many high-end features for Systems Engineers, the Ultimate and Systems Engineering editions of Enterprise Architect provide built-in support.

Business Process Modeling
There are many approaches to Business Process Modeling (BPM) using UML as the base modeling language. In particular, Activity diagrams, Object Diagrams and custom Profiles provide powerful modeling approaches for Business Analysts.

Build upon UML 2.5
Enterprise Architect’s foundations are built upon the UML 2 specification – but it doesn’t stop there! Use UML Profiles to extend the modeling domain, while Model Validation ensures integrity. Combine Business Processes, Information and Work Flows in the one model using our free extensions for BPMN and the Eriksson-Penker profile.

Enterprise Architect 12 Download

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