Handy Recovery 5.5 Crack + Key is a recovery program which designs on the basis of extended analysis t6o find a file among numerous files. Handy Recovery Crack is the Awesome and important product for your computer. That can recover your missing and deleted data.

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Handy Recovery 5.5 Crack + Serial Key

Handy Recovery Crack is modern disk imaging program which is design to provide backup of data to recoup any unpleasant situation of data loss.it easily provides restoration of accidental deletion files, system damaged or viral attacks corruption, and software faults etc.It is supportive for data backup from hard drive and USB device.It can also restore the files from recycle bin.

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Handy Recovery Serial Key is totally free from any issues like mlawrae, psyawre, adware and viruses.it is 100 percent safe nonsecure and kepep your data full secure.It provides you an option to search the data files by titles or mask and quickly provide the information.Its super fast scanning engine scans the drive and provides quick access to that deleted data.You can also recover compressed or encrypted files on NTFS.It filters the content of hard disks with a mask, size, and date name.

Handy Recovery 5.5 Crack + Serial Key Features

  • The user search for removed data files on a hard drive by data file name or mask.
  • If the customer selects quick format option program.
  • It can filter the material of a hard drive.
  • It can be erased the partition on the hard drive.
  • Recovery of memory cards is also supported.
  • You can also recover NTFS, FAT or HFS file systems are supported.
  • The disk scanning of the program is very powerful and can find a record of files with it is in-depth scanning of the disk.
  • And much more.

How To Install?

  1. First of all, download this crack.
  2. After downloading.
  3. Run it.
  4. Done and enjoy this software features.
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Handy Recovery Software Full Version Free Download

With Handy Recovery, scanning your PC and recovering selected files is a simple process--once you get over some initial hurdles. During testing, at first it wasn't clear that folders marked with a red X were the ones that contained deleted items, but we cleared that up by consulting the help files. Handy Recovery tells you what chance it has of restoring a given deleted file. It lets you search results by keyword or filter, and it also lets you filter discovered files according to various parameters. It can read raw disk data, which may be your last resort with damaged text files. In our tests, the program had no problem finding the majority of erased documents, although you're out of luck if your system drive has been damaged. Also, if you need to find and recover a large number of files, this program may not be the answer, as the demo only lets you restore one file per day for a month. Overall, Handy Recovery is best suited to home users undertaking simple recovery tasks.

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