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For a financial student accounting is a compulsory subject to learn and have a full command over its concepts and methods. The first thing that comes in accounting is double entry system means you have to record both the aspects of the transaction. There are other very important concepts which you have to learn. Some students complains about the subject of accounting that its too tough but actually it is not tough its just conceptual.

Accounting Made Simple pdf Review:

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Mike piper is the author of this book. The author wrote several books for accounting and finance. His books and magzines are also published in wall street journal and several other popular channels in different countries. Mike lives in Manitou Springs. He was born in 1984 in USA.

Features of Accounting Made Simple – Accounting Explained in 100 Pages or Less Pdf:

  • The book is consist of 100 pages.
  • The book contains different concepts of accounting in simple language so that every one can get benefit from it easily.
  • The book contains visual aids which makes it more interenting and eye catching.
  • The topics which are explained briefly in this book are: double entry system, journal, ledger, trail balance, profit and loss account, income statement and balance.

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Accounting is a little tough subject but if your concepts are clear then accounting is fun for you this book aims to clear the concept of reader in a very simple and unique way. The only difficult thing in accounting is to clear your concept on the specific topic so the main object of the author here is to clear your concept on different topics of accounting. I hope you will find this book advantageous after reading it.


Financial Accounting Pdf

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Download Free Financial Accounting Made Simple Pdf

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