1. Wibu Codemeter Runtime
  2. Wibu Codemeter Runtime

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Wibu-BOX WibuKey Dongle Emulator Clone Crack

Wibu-BOX WibuKey Dongle Emulator Clone Crack

Wibu-BOX WibuKey Dongle Emulator Clone Crack

The WibuBox/RU+ is the WibuKey protection hardware for connection to the USB interface of PCs,
Apple Macintosh and others. Encryption works with WibuKey set of rules 3 or 5 relying at the nonvolatile
saved Standard Entry. This entry may additionally have an additional entry – information, expiration date or restrict
counter. The WibuBox/RU+ has an additional sixteen kbyte memory.
The communication is according to USB specs. All data conversation is realized by way of endpoint
zero manage transfers with full velocity (12 MBit). The USB interface guarantees hassle loose communication
despite the fact that many one of a kind devices are related and clean implementation to any device.
WibuKey driving force software helps Windows XP/7/8/10/ Server2012, Mac OS X and all Linux distributions helping
USB. The WIBU-BOX/RU+ needs WibuKey Runtime 4.10 or better.

WibuBox /RU+

  • USB port
  • 1 entry
  • 16 kByte memory

WibuBox /U+

  • USB Port
  • 10 entries
  • 16 kByte memory

WibuBox /RP+

  • Parallel port (LPT)
  • 1 entry
  • 16 kByte memory

WibuBox /P+

  • Parallel port (LPT)
  • 10 entries
  • 16 kByte memory

WibuBox /ST

  • Serial port (RS-232)
  • 10 entries

Technical Specifications

■ Interface: USB 1.1, USB three.Zero/2.Zero like minded and licensed
■ Data retention: 10 years at 25°C
■ Data patience: >500.000 write cycles
■ Power deliver: five V max.
■ Power Consumption: ASIC 3508: 25 mA max. (ordinary 5 mA / one hundred ninety μA configured / unconfigured)
■ Temperature: 0…55° C, non-condensing
■ MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures):28 Mio. [email protected]°C according to traditional SN29500-1
■ Lifetime: 10 years typical
■ Case/Dimensions: 54 mm x sixteen mm x 8 mm
■ Weight: 6 g
WibuKey driver software supports all predominant working systems, i.E.Windows, Mac OS X and Linux distributions supporting USB. The WIBU-BOX/U+ needs WibuKey Runtime 4.10 or higher.

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Wibu Codemeter Runtime

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Wibu Codemeter Runtime