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Conference Room Scheduling Software Sharepoint Designer
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    This course helps you understand and use Skype for Business, the enterprise version of Microsoft's popular conferencing and communication app. First see what plans are available, then see how to best Skype with contacts. Author Gini Courter also explores the instant messaging (IM), audio, and video features, including how to send files, start and join conversations, and add contacts to existing calls and IMs. Plus, learn to schedule meetings and poll participants, use the presenter toolkit, and connect with mobile devices.

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    - If you don't have Outlook or if your browser that you're using doesn't allow you to run the Outlook web app or you can't log in somehow but you can get to a browser, you can still schedule your meeting. So you want to go or to open up the Skype for Business Web Scheduler. The very first time you'll be prompted to log in. After that, you would need to log out of everything, not to be asked to log in. Notice that it knows who I am. I can enter information about my Event. Location is Skype Call. Just make sure that you leave that right there. And this is going to be a Project Update for Branding. I can include information. This would be where I would put an agenda. So I'm going to put Agenda items here. And I would add my attendees, my participants. Each of them separated by semicolons. I can check my names. Nothing wrong with those. It just knows that they're like names. And then I can choose to have a Start and End. And this is actually sort of…

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