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The classic American memoir of twelve kids, two parents, and a world of laughter and love

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Translated into more than fifty languages and adapted into two classic motion pictures, Cheaper by the Dozen is the unforgettable story of the Gilbreth clan as told by two of its members. In this endearing, amusing memoir, siblings Frank Jr. and Ernestine capture the hilarity and heart of growing up in an oversized family.

Mother and Dad are world-renowned efficiency experts, helping factories fine-tune their assembly lines for maximum output at minimum cost. At home, the Gilbreths themselves have cranked out twelve kids, and Dad is out to prove that efficiency principles can apply to family as well as the workplace. The heartwarming and comic stories of the jumbo-sized Gilbreth clan have delighted generations of readers, and will keep you and yours laughing for years.

This ebook features an illustrated biography including rare photos from the authors’ estates.

This heartwarming and hilarious family story finds thousands of new fans every year.

Good morning, Tom.

Twelve is our number.

It's the number of games my husband Tom

coaches at LincolnCollegeevery season.

It's the number of times we zero out our

bank account each year to make ends meet.

And it's the number ofkids

we try to keep track of.

Hey. Good run?

Oh, yeah.

You need a paramedic?

Cheaper By The Dozen Pdf

No,just a pair of knees.

You finish?

Still proofing, but I'm sending it

to Diane today.

Look at this.

New, clean cover..

no peanutbutter stains..


- Hey, baby?

- Baby?

You know, on the run,

you know what I was thinking?


Well, we've been married,

what, five years?

- Twenty-three.

- Twenty-three. Sorry.

And I think we could use

a littlechangearound here..

like-like this

lumpy old mattress.

- Maybe we should just,

you know, get rid of it.

Don't be ridiculous, honey. You know you

can just pound the lumps out of a mattress.

What-What do you mean? You can just

pound the lumps out of a mattress?

Yeah,just randomly

start swatting away.

Cheaper By The Dozen Script

- And it goes flat?


- Yes, yes.

Just start- You just randomly

start swatting-


- I got a dog on me!

- Twelve's an insanenumber ofkids..

Cheaper By The Dozen Book

but having a small family

was never an option for us.

See, Tom lovedgrowing up

with sevenbrothers and sisters.

And after my sister died,

I spent most of my time..

wishing I had

seven brothers and sisters.

Tom and I met at

Illinois Polytechnic University.

He was a seniordreaming ofbecoming

the head footballcoach there.

I was a freshman dreaming

ofbecoming a sports reporter.

He wantedeight kids,

I wantedeight kids. Bam.

An hour after I met him,

I knew he was the one.

Wejust had family

at the wedding.

Oh, and Shake Maguire,

Tom's best man.

What a hot dog.

Ayear later,

we had our first- Nora.

I lovedtaking her

to work with me.

After Charlie and Lorraine were born, we

realized our dreamofliving in the city..

- and havingeight kids and

two careers wasn't gonna work.

As much as we wanted our big careers,

we wanted our big family more.

So Tom settled for a Division llI

coaching job at Lincoln..

Frank Gilbreth

I quit writing for the Tribune,

and we moved to the country.

Tom and I got busy

when we moved to Midland.

We had Henry, Sarah,Jake and Mark

in consecutive years.

Then we went for magicnumber eight,

and instead..

we got the first set

of fraternal twins-Jessica and Kim.

- Nine kids.

- Come on, you guys. Come on.

Wave! Hi!

With each child, Tom and I got further

from our big career dreams.

But we didn't thinkabout that.


Oh. Sorry, Coach.

We had our hands full with nine.

We were happy, and we were done.

Then we went to a party celebrating

Shake Maguire's appointment..

to athletic director

at our alma mater.

And, well, too many beers and nine

months later, we had Mike.

After that,

Tom got a vasectomy.

But he didn't hear the doctor say

that it would be a few weeks..

before the procedure

became effective.

In '98, Nigel and Kyle got us


to that crazynumber 12.

But by then, Tom and I

were experts at managing chaos.

- Let's move, gang.

Come on, come on, come on!

- Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo!

- Charliemissed his curfewagain last night. Take care of that.


You can only put on

so much lip gloss, princess!

- You blew my concentration!

- Temper, Sarah.

Now I get to start

all over again.

- Wrap it up, Lorraine!

- Okay, Daddy.!

Have you seen my frog, Dad?

Sorry, Charlie.

Uh, Nigel. Kyle.

- It's Mark.

- I knew that.

Hey, teenager. You got caught

on Mom radar last night.

You're not gonna get that scholarship

if you're out late with Beth..