Hi,I am looking for solution to create a cashback script. I want to make a cashback website like cashkaro.com

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Can you please help me?


Start by breaking the problem down into smaller problems. What are some of the major tasks that you need to accomplish? With a little more direction, we can start to think about what programming challenges we need to solve. Off the top of my head, here are a few:

  • User Registration and Login
  • Some sort of points system when a user completes an action.
  • some way to sort, search, or look through a list of actions.
  • Some sort of method for using a point.

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Initially, you can start small. Make a simple php application that someone can register for, search through a list of actions, click a button, and get a point. Then, they can visit some sort of account page, click a button, and have a single point be 'spent.'

With something like that, you still have a lot to go, but you can start breaking down the point system into smaller problems. Maybe make them fill out a form for a point instead of just clicking a button. Make them select from a list of potential actions that 'spend' different amounts of points. Each addition makes it look more like what you want it to do.

But I'm just speculating. Is there a particular aspect of this problem you need some help breaking down? Or is there a specific sub problem you need some insight programming?

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