BuTel Software News and Innovations: AOR DV10: due to DV10 firmware issues software support for DV10 is not available yet. We may develop software for DV10 later this year. Free programming software is available from Uniden or you can use the awesome ARC125 software from Butel for an. To you so you can download the software on.

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One of the questions we get here at Scanner Master is how often one should update the programming on their scanner. The answer to that depends on a few things, including what kind of scanner you have, the resources available to you (computer, software etc.) and what is happening in your area.

The type of scanner you have is the first question we always ask. ZIP Code type scanners, such as the HomePatrol, x36/SDS type or the Whistler TRX and WS types are pretty easy to update with the free Sentinel or EZ-Scan software. With a Windows computer these can be updated as often as you like at no charge just by running the software and sending the updated data to the radio. Remember that updating the database does not update the Favorites Lists that you may have so if you are using Favorites Lists check them for any changes.

If you do not have a Windows computer or do not want to do this you can always let Scanner Master do the work for you. We sell fully programmed and ready to go SD Cards for your Uniden or Whistler ZIP Code enabled scanner for just $59.95.

On other modern scanners, such as the various Uniden, Whistler, GRE and Radio Shack digital radios (and some analog ones) they can be programmed by computer with the appropriate software and cables. If you have access to programming software then you can update these easily whenever needed. Scanner Master sells programming software for almost all the current scanners and most older ones. – Read more

The third question relates to whether you actually need to change it or not. There are some places using the same channels they have for 20 years or more, the Chicago Police Department for example is using the same radio channels they were in the 1970’s for the most part. Other areas have changed frequencies or systems several times over the last couple decades.

For ZIP Code scanners we normally suggest that you update the database when you buy the radio and perhaps once or twice a year after that. If you go on a trip and are bringing your ZIP Code scanner with you update the database before you leave. You might have to update the scanner if you know that your targets have changed systems or perhaps they disappeared and you no longer hear them on the channels that once used.

For non-ZIP Code type scanners it is a little more difficult. /hotel-booking-php-software-for-free/. Since these are pretty much custom programmed for your area you might have to tweak them from time to time to add a new channel or agency. If your targets move to a new system then you would need to reprogram or replace the scanner, depending on whether the scanner is capable of monitoring the new system.

We also suggest that you monitor the forums for your area at Radioreference.com. When things change they are usually discussed there, often in great detail.

As always, Scanner Master will be happy to help you reprogram your scanner, either with a replacement SD Card or by using our main-in programming service.

ARC XT is THE preferred and best selling programming software for the Uniden XT series, ARC-XT-PRO adds powerful data logging, digital audio recording and a fantastic bandscope!

ARC-XT Basic
  • ARC-XT supports the following scanner models: BCD396XT , BC346XT , BCD996XT and BCT15X.
  • ARC-XT V 1.4 is also Windows 7 compatible.
  • ARC-XT includes the most versatile and most feature rich editor available on the market.
  • ARC-XT combines the best of 2 worlds! With ARC-XT you can directly access (*) the RadioReference.com Database and import over 9000(!) trunk and conventional systems directly into your scanner!
  • QuickKey Overview: 'Drag and Drop' your systems/sites or groups in QuickKeys.
  • Built in lookup utility to find Latitude & Longitude based on US address or zipcode
  • ARC XT can import ARC246/ ARC996/ ARC396/ ARC15 system files.
  • ARC-XT is fully compatible with the new Radioreference SOAP webservice.
  • Built in decimal <> hexadecimal converter
  • Bandplan Editor: change the default step and mode settings per band.
  • Handy tools menu
  • Copy/paste groups between systems, building new systems was never this easy!
  • Read data directly from the RadioReference Database, 'browse' for local trunk systems and let ARC-XT do the programming!
  • 'intelli upload': Replaces systems that are stored in your scanner without having to reset your scanner first! ARC-XT will never reset your scanner!
  • ARC-XT-PRO also includes full PC Virtual Control and a very enhanced recorder with 'no loss' digital recording technology and data logging.
  • ARC-XT-PRO Intelligent Data Storage recorder: wav files are automatically stored in folders based on system/group/date/time.
  • ARC-XT-PRO wav files are stored per frequency or talkgroup for easy playback.
  • ARC-XT-PRO includes a fantastic bandscope option.
  • ARC-XT-PRO now includes a Tone Out frequency logger!
  • Don't have a serial port? ARC-XT also works with the Uniden USB-1 cable.
  • ARC-XT supports the following Uniden scanner models: BC346XT, BCD396XT, BCD996XT and the BCT15X.
  • IMPORTANT: ARC-XT DOES NOT work with the BCD996T / BCT15 / BC246T models !
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR VISTA/WIN7 USERS: If you use the Uniden USB1 cable you must install this specific Uniden USB1 driver else the software may not communicate with your scanner!
  • Windows XP/2000/Vista/Windows 7, minimum 1024x800 video, 512 RAM, free serial or USB port (USB requires Uniden USB-1 cable).

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Comparison sheet ARC-XT Basic & Pro :
Multi scanner support
Enhanced Editor for conv./ trunk channels
Import ARC246/396/996 files
Bandplan Editor
Multi Trunk site programming
Virtual Control
RadioRef 'SOAP' Import
GPS US address lookup utility
Enhanced Virtual Control
Data logging/history
Waterfall Display
'no loss' Harddisk Audio Recording
Closecall/Subtone logging


Find latitude and longitude based on US street address or zipcode:

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