Frame has a made in Italy decal, other than that see pics for more info. I have no idea what it is, but the size is 59cms.

Bike serial number lookup bike has two numbers stamped on the bottom of frame which one would be the serial number - Bianchi Cycling question.

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The serial number is stamped on the head tube and is something like this' OE 30848' could be wrong about the first letters tho' they are quite hard to make out. maybe OL or 01 or something similar.
  • The serial number is stamped on the head tube and is. Help identifying an old Bianchi. This is quite a low end 'lightweight' bike - Bianchi traded on.
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  • Classic & Vintage - Bianchi Serial Number Identification - Originally Posted by Sanz Serial number.(ID00237273) this bianchi bike?
Stem is a ttt and handlebars are Cinelli.
Rear derailleur is a Campa Nuovo Gran Sport.Italy

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Crank is a Campa 'GS' (Gran Sport I assume).
Front derailleur is a Shimano 600.
BicycleRims are Mavic GP4's, hubs say Campa 'Record'.
Still has the original Campa drinking bottle, maybe it helps.
Brakes are Universal (MOD-125), levers are Modolo.

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If anyone knows anything about what year it is, what model and any other info it would be awesome!

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