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Beck – Discography (1993 – 2014)
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Label: Various Genre: Alternative Rock

Initially pegged as the voice of a generation when “Loser” turned into a smash crossover success, Beck wound up crystallizing much of the postmodern ruckus inherent in the ’90s alternative explosion, but in unexpected ways. Based in the underground anti-folk and noise-rock worlds, Beck encompassed all manner of modern music, drawing in hip-hop, blues, trash rock, pop, soul, lounge music — pretty much any found sound or vinyl dug up from a dusty crate — blurring boundaries and encapsulating how ’90s hipsters looked toward the future by foraging through the past. In another time, Beck may have stayed in the province of the underground, but he surfaced just as alternative rock turned mainstream, with his 1994 debut Mellow Gold launching “Loser,” a hit that crossed over with the velocity of a novelty, a notion Beck quickly punctured with a succession of indie LPs delivered in the wake of Mellow Gold, including the lo-fi folk of One Foot in the Grave, delivered on the K imprint. But the album that truly cemented Beck’s place in the pantheon was 1996’s Odelay, a co-production with the Dust Brothers that touched upon all of his obsessions, providing a cultural keystone for the decade while telegraphing all his future moves, from the soul prankster of Midnite Vultures to the melancholy troubadour of Sea Change. ― Allmusic

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1993. Golden Feelings (1999, Sony Enemy, SE 002, USA)

1994. Mellow Gold (2012, Universal, UICY-25176, Japan, SHM-CD)

1994. One Foot in the Grave (1994, K, KLP 28, USA)

1994. Stereopathetic Soulmanure (1994, Flipside, FLIP60, USA)

1996. Odelay (2012, Universal, UICY-25177, Japan, SHM-CD)

1998. Mutations (1998, DGC, DGCD-25309, USA)
1998. Mutations (2012, Universal, UICY-25178, Japan, SHM-CD)

1999. Midnite Vultures (1999, DGC, 0694904852, USA)
1999. Midnite Vultures (2012, Universal, UICY-25179, Japan, SHM-CD)

2002. Sea Change (2012, Universal, UICY-25180, Japan, SHM-CD)

2005. Guero (2012, Universal, UICY-25181, Japan, SHM-CD)

2006. The Information(2006, Interscope Records, B0007601-00, USA, CD+DVD)

2008. Modern Guilt (2008, DGC Records, B001150702, Canada)

2014. Morning Phase (2014, Capitol, B001983802, USA)


1994. Beercan (1994, DGC, DGCDM-22000, USA)

1994. Loser (1994, DGC, DGCDM-21930, USA)
1994. Loser (1994, Geffen, GFSTD 67, UK)

1996. Devil’s Haircut (1996, Geffen, GFSXD 22183, UK)


1996. Where It’s At (1996, Geffen, GFSTD22156, UK)
1996. Where It’s At (1996, MCA Victor, MVCG-15001, Japan)

1997. Deadweight (1997, Geffen, GFSTD 22293, UK)

1997. Jack-Ass (1997, Geffen, GFSTD 22276, UK)

1997. Sissyneck (1997, Geffen, GFSTD 22253, UK)

1997. The New Pollution CD1 (1997, Geffen, GFSTD22205, UK)

1997. The New Pollution CD2 (1997, Geffen, GFSXD 22205, UK)

1998. Cold Brains (1998, Geffen, INTDM-97093, Australia)

1998. The Mutations Conversations (1998, DGC, PRO-CD-1235, USA, Promo)

1998. Tropicalia (1998, Geffen, GED 22365, UK)

1999. Mixed Bizness CD1 (2000, Geffen, 497 300-2, EU, Enhanced CD)

1999. Mixed Bizness CD2 (2000, Geffen, 497 301-2, EU, Enhanced CD)

1999. Nobody’s Fault But My Own (1999, Universal Victor, MVCF-12015, Japan)

1999. Sexx Laws CD1 (1999, Geffen, 497 181-2, UK)

1999. Sexx Laws CD2 (1999, Geffen, 497 182-2, UK)

2000. Nicotine & Gravy (2000, Geffen, 497 389-2, EU, Enhanced CD)


2005. E-Pro (2005, Interscope Records, 00602498800522, EU)

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