The best website for free high-quality Malayalam Sftweare Downloading For Nokia E72 fonts. Of free download tamil font for nokia e72: free download. software. BB Bold 9780.Outbound email font difffers from Display font setting (smaller).Inbound email font is also different from both the Display font and the outbound email font (much too small for practical use).Cannot determine if any settings exist that permits this to be corrected or adjusted.

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Hi, I had a similar problem with my E72 a few months ago -- I need Chinese display on the E72, as mentioned in this thread here:

Bangla Font Software For Nokia E72

I've read from somewhere in these forums that a Nokia Care Point/Center might be able to add language packs (for a fee?). However, when I asked the Nokia Care Center via phone call and via emailing Nokia tech support, it seems that it's not possible to add language packs (the tech support I talked to simply said not possible to be done, even if I choose to pay a fee for additional language on the phone). So, it would seem that maybe there are Nokia Care Centers that can indeed add a language pack, just that I don't know where these would be (certainly not the Nokia Care Centers in our country though).

From the product code you mentioned, it seems you have an Australian phone. You may notice that some product codes might have English + (another language or more). That would mean, if you go the Nokia way, then you must purchase an E72 from that country so that you'll have that product code supporting the languages you need. (eg. Hong Kong E72 will have English + Chinese [both traditional & simplified versions]; whereas Singapore E72 has English + Chinese(simplified version only) + Malaysian).


Nokia E72 Unlock

Now I'm not sure if there's even a Japanese Nokia E72, which would mean that if there's no Japanese E72 (if anyone has information on this, inform us here), then there likely won't be an E72 that supports displaying Japanese characters. :(

Granted, there's some 3rd party software like PsiLoc Crystal Japanese that can add languages to some models of Nokia cellphones. Unfortunately, I notice that PsiLoc Crystal Japanese currently doesn't support E72 yet (you may email PsiLoc to see when they foresee adding support to that model).

I suppose that's what I know for now.. Hope you'll have some luck finding a better solution.

(or just get an iPhone, which has some 40+ language packs available -- no need for various product codes or the like. so it doesn't matter whether your iPhone is bought in this country or another country - it will have the languages you need available for downloading). ;-)