The information included in this Ariston Repair Manual may change without notice. Please see our web site. REPAIR MANUAL Page 1. AW-129 & AW-149 Control Panels. View and Download Ariston AVL 129 instructions for use manual online. Ariston Washing Machine Instruction Manual AVL 129. AVL 129 Washer pdf manual download. Also for: Armf 125. Find the user manual you need for your laundry appliances and more at ManualsOnline. Ariston AVL 129 Washer/Dryer User Manual.

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CDE 12 X
Instructions for
installation and use
The secrets
The secrets
“A” wash
The first washer-dryer
of fabrics
of fabrics
to give a perfect wash
How to get better results at only 40°C
How to get better results
The first washer-dryer
to have “The
Woolmark Company”
Spare parts
and Acces-
Call your nearest
Customer Service
Centre or dial
0870 607 0805
Washing machine

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ARGHERITA M Quick guide to Margherita Here are the 13 topics explained in this manual. Read, learn and have fun: you will discover many secret ways to get a better wash, more easily and making your washer-dryer last longer...and especially keeping an eye on safety. 1. Installation and removal (p. 11) Installation, after delivery or transport, is the most important operation for the correct functioning of your Margherita washer-dryer. Always check: 1. That the electric system complies with the

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ARGHERITA M M Dividing your What goes in your washer-dryer? garments according to fabric and colour, is Before washing, you can do a great deal for better results. Divide your garments very important for according to fabric and colour. Read the labels, follow their indications and good results alternate small items with large ones. Before washing. The labels say it all. Big and small happily drum, according to the type of Divide your washing according to Always look at the labels: they togethe

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ARGHERITA M Understanding the control panel Here I’m in command A E F G H Making the right choice is important. And it’s easy. Programme selector knob and programmed start Use this knob to select the wash programme. B Turn this knob clockwise only. C D To select a programme, you M should turn the knob so that the Margherita’s knobs are hidden. Just press them lightly symbol/number of the desired L in the middle to extract them. I programme is in line with the pointer on the control panel. Tempe

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ARGHERITA M M What are you washing today? A programme for all seasons Type of fabric and degree of soil Progr. Temp. Detergent Fabric Stain rem. Length of Description of wash cycle knob knob for wash softener button/ the cycle Bleach (minutes) COTTONS Exceptionally soiled whites Prewash, wash cycle at 90°C, rinse cycles, 165 1 90°C uu (sheets, tablecloths, etc.) intermediate and final spin cycles Exceptionally soiled whites Wash cycle at 90°C, rinse cycles, Del./Trad. 2 90°C uu 145 (sheets, tabl

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ARGHERITA M How to dry A. A combined Washing Dry only Drying time (Min.) Fabric Load type Max. load and Drying Programme type (kg) Once you have loaded the Extra Wardrobe Iron Look at table A to the side and washing that needs drying (4 kg dry follow the instructions provided max. for cottons, see table for for MAX load to have an other fabrics ), make sure that: automatic washing and drying - the door is shut correctly; Cotton, Clothing of Linen different cycle. - the plug is inserted in the so

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ARGHERITA M M Understanding labels Learn the meaning of these symbols and you will get better results, your garments will last longer and your machine will repay you by washing better. All over Europe, garment labels These symbols are divided in five contain messages expressed in different categories and shapes: small yet important symbols. washing , bleaching , Understanding them is very ironing , dry cleaning and important if you want to get drying . better results and treat your garments th

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ARGHERITA M Useful tips to avoid mistakes Never use your washer- How much does it weigh? Holidays: unplug the dryer to wash.. torn, fraying or 1 sheet 400-500 gr. appliance. non-hemmed linen. If it is 1 pillow case 150-200 gr. When you go on holiday, we absolutely neccessary, place it in 1 tablecloth 400-500 gr. recommend that you unplug your a bag for protection. Brightly 1 bathrobe 900-1,200 gr. washer-dryer, shutting off the coloured linen with whites. 1 towel 150-250 gr. water inlet tap a

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ARGHERITA M M It’s important for a good wash The secrets of the detergent dispenser The first secret is the easiest: the detergent In compartment 1: dispenser is opened by rotating it outwards. Detergent for pre-washing (powder) 4 In compartment 2: You must add detergent and any Liquid detergent is to be poured Detergent for washing (powder or liquid) additives following the dosage into compartment 2 only a few recommended by the seconds before starting the wash In compartment 3: 1 Additives (so

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ARGHERITA M Troubleshooting Before calling, read the following Your washer-dryer could fail to work. In most cases, the problems arising can be easily solved without having to call for a technician. Before calling for assistance, always check these points. The washer-dryer fails But where did all the water go? to start. dryer cannot work if the door Simple: with the new Ariston technology, you need less than is open or not shut properly. half of it, to get good results on twice as much! Is th

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ARGHERITA M M Is the washer-dryer’s drain Is the appliance closed in duct clogged? Is there an between furniture and a extension of the drain hose? If wall? If it is not a built-in so, is it positioned incorrectly, model, the washer-dryer needs blocking the water flow? to oscillate a bit during the spin cycle. A few cm of space should therefore be left around Too much foam. it. The washer-dryer Is the detergent appropriate does not drain or spin. for machine washing? Check whether its label read

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ARGHERITA M Installation and removal When Margherita arrives Whether new or just transported to a new house, installation is extremely important for the correct functioning of your washing machine. After removing the appliance Connection to the water from its packaging, check that it mains is intact. If in doubt, contact a Both hot and cold water supplies qualified technician immediately. are preferable and they should be The inside of the machine is between 34.5kN/m²(5lb/in²) and supported, fo

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ARGHERITA M M Removing the plug: Disposing of the appliance: If your appliance has a non- When disposing of the appliance rewireable moulded plug and you please remove the plug by should wish to re-route the mains cutting the mains cable as close cable through partitions, units as possible to the plug body and etc., please ensure that either: dispose of it as described above. the plug is replaced by a fused 13 ampere re-wearable plug bearing the BSI mark of approval. GREEN & YELLOW or: the mains

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ARGHERITA M Instructions for the fitter The wooden panel that covers Mounting the wooden Door Mounting Accessories the face of the machine must not panel onto the door and (Fig. 1-2-3-4-5) be less than 18 mm in thickness inserting the machine and can be hinged on either the into cabinets: right or left. For the sake of In the case where the machine practicality when using the must be shipped for final machine, we recommend that the installation after the wooden panel be hinged on the same side p

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ARGHERITA M M - To trace the positions of the Fasten angle P using screw R, Mounting the Parts onto Mounting the Panel into holes on the right-hand side of insert plinth guide Q into the the Face of the Machine the machine the panel, align the drilling special slot and once it is in the - Mount the hinge supports onto Insert the nib of the hinge template to the top right side of desired position, lock it in place the face of the machine, (indicated by the arrow in fig. 2) the panel. using angle

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ARGHERITA M Easy Care and Maintenance Treat her well and she’ll be your Your washer-dryer is a reliable companion in life and on the job. friend forever It is just as important for you to keep it in shape. Margherita is a washer-dryer It is important to designed to last a lifetime wash the detergent without any problems. A few dispenser regularly. simple steps help keep it in shape To prevent dried and last longer. Firstly, you must washing powder from close the water tap after each accumulating

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ARGHERITA M M More and more important Your safety and that of Margherita has been built in compliance with the strictest international safety regulations. To protect you and all your family. your children Read these indications and all 8. Never pull on the plug or 5. Never touch the washer- 7. Never open the detergent the information in this manual dryer when barefoot or dispenser while the the washer-dryer to carefully: they are an disconnect it from the wall with wet or damp hands appliance

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ARGHERITA M Stay in touch THANK YOU for choosing an Ariston appliance. We are confident you have made a good choice and that your new appliance will give many years of excellent service. And we're there when you need us. Register your purchase now This will confirm your entitlement to free spare parts for five years, and you could also be lucky enough to recover the cost of your purchase in our quarterly prize draw. Simply complete and return the Registration Form supplied with the appliance doc

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ARGHERITA M M Margherita - Iinstructions for installation and use 18

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Via Aristide Merloni, 47 - 60044 Fabriano - tel. (0732) 6611 - Italy 01/2002 - 195033058.00 - XEROX BUSINESS SERVICES - DOCUTECH

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