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Windows 7 configures it with the windows genaric driver. The result is that I can't run in the nativeresolution of 1920x1080. The blurring and double (and triple. Download the latest drivers for your Acer H233H to keep your Computer up-to-date. Download the latest drivers for your Acer H233H to keep your Computer up-to-date. Need Win7 driver for a H233H Vista Monitor. I see at the Acer driver site only a Vista OS is listed for this. I do not see a Windows 7 driver posted for this.

  • This monitor looks like it is from 2009, but it should still work with Windows 8. The native resolution for the monitor looks like 1920 x 1080, is that what you have it set at in Windows itself? How do you have the monitor connected to your unit?

  • JC thank you so much for the reply. I have it connected with just an HDMI cable. The only other cables that came with it were.. um I might get this wrong.. 2 SATA-type connectors and 1 RCA-type connector?

    I installed the video card's driver/software and fixed the fit problem. Now I'd like it if the touchscreen would work.

    Thanks again.

  • I don't believe that this monitor is a touch capable monitor, I think that's the T series monitors. If it is touch capable and I'm incorrect in my knowledge (which happens) there should be a USB connection to go between the monitor and the unit to allow it to happen.. or you were just wishing it was?

  • Thanks again JC. Yes it is indeed a touchscreen. :-) Thanks, I'll try a USB cord and will let you know if that works!

    It would be really nice if Acer would reply to these requests. So again, I truly to appreciate your help.


  • It's not a problem. Usually the touchscreen monitors come with USB cables, at least I would think they would. As far as Acer not responding, I'm sure they are reading at the very least to make sure the answers are accurate.

  • OK there's no USB connection on the monitor. I tried the pin-connector dealy (love my tech terms) and it didn't do anything except make it think I have 2 monitors. Avoided that catastrophe.

    Believe it or not, I'm very computer-savvy. But I'm stumped on this one!!

  • Am I allowed to cuss in here? LOL OK I won't. The sticker that was on the monitor boasting the features says 'SensorTouch.' From a Google search, I do believe that means the CONTROLS are touch-sensitive. (Which they really are not.)
    Thanks a lot, Acer for your help. NOT.

    JC, thanks again.

  • Good day

    Im sori to reply so late. That monitor is not touchscreen.



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Acer H233h Driver For Windows 10

Acer H233h Driver For Windows 7

Acer H213h Driver Windows 10

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    I do not see a Windows 7 driver posted for this monitor. Using Windows 7's generic plug and play driver, should work with this monitor. What happens if you remove the drivers from device manager, then restart with the monitor attached?

  • Thanks for your advice! I uninstalled the H233H driver and rebooted. Nothing changed. The start up still needs the monitor physically turned off and restarted in order to see my desktop as well when my screen saver comes on. I did go back to the systems folder - monitor- then driver to see what was there for a driver after this change. Before the uninstall it was the Acer H233H, now it's the Generic PnP monitor. I did select updating this Generic driver and it went back to the H233H from Acer.

    I failed to mention during my original post this issue pertains only to the HDMI setup. If I switched to the VGA cable everything works fine.

    Fortunately my H233H type monitor sells for $135 or so. It's discouraging to have to throw away a perfectly good monitor that's only 3-4 years old. I can't really even give it away- who runs Vista these days?

    Thanks again! If you can think of anything else to try, I'd appreciate it!

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    Solved the problem..

    Bought a new 27' AOC montor. Pluged in the HDMI and things were golden. I don't understand why Acer couldn't write a new driver code for a monitor that was purchased in 2010 for Win 7?

    Makes me not want to go the Acer route again.