1. Coc Private Server Free Download

4Story Server top 200 - 4Story Private. Vote Client Download Specx. 4Story private server with original quests - Bug free! Fixed a Issue with Crashing Client! [1 day ago] [2018-08-08 00:03:00]. Mar 08, 2011  4Story (Gates of Andaron). Here you will find some 4Story reviews, download, guides. You download your Torrent and go on private servers.

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[NEW] Private Server Hack [Guide]
Step 1: Open first 4Story Private Server [Eternia Games Server] login game and open Cheat Engine 5.5.
Step 2: Now open with Cheat Engine TClient.exe
Step 3: Look picture. Write your exp in hex and scan with 4 Byte.
Step 4: After scan you see one address put down it.
Step 5: Now look picture. And read this first click [Add Address Manually] and write in address your Exp address first 4 letters. Don't click OK button Now i give you some address read carefully this address. Them after the first 4 letters to write
Speed Hack: 0F76
One Attack Magic: 0A00
One Attack Phy: 0A04
No Miss Phy: 09F6
Teleport X: 0604
Teleport Y: 060C
Ps: If you add Teleport X and Y. You need change Type Address Float

Step 6: After additions all addresses (look picture) you need frozen the address after change value

Coc Private Server Free Download

Step 7: FINISH. Only look picture and read Ragnarok private server free download
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