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The resistivity method is frequently used in the investigation of the shallow parts of the earth. Interpretation of such data is usually done assuming a layered earth. However, a more complete imaging can be obtained if 3D models are used. Thirty-five vertical electrical soundings (VES) were carried out in a regular mesh at the northwestern part of Greater Cairo in order to characterize different geological units and to study their quality for building foundations. Models obtained from 1D inversion of each VES, together with borehole information, were used for construction of eight geoelectrical sections which exhibit the main geoelectrical characteristics of the geological units present in the area. The 3D inversion of the data indicated a complex subsurface electrical resistivity distribution conditioned by lithology, water content and tectonic structures. The results indicate that the subsurface consists of different geologic units such as gravel and sand, sand, clay and limestone. The main results are related to the characterization of the clay formations in the north of the survey area, which is revealed by low-resistivity values (<100 Ω m) and sand layers associated with high-resistivity values (>600 Ω m) depicted in the central part of the study zone.

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