2x2 Ortega Method Pdf


2x2 Cll Cases

This stage will have many algorithms. OLL will solve the yellow layer. Free facerig download cracked 2016 full version. The algorithms need to be done as follows:
1) Opposite Yellow swap: hold the cube with two yellows facing you and the other two facing AWAY Then, perform this: R2, U2, R, U2, R2 SEE sketch #1
2) Hold the cube with two yellow on the left, one facing you on the right, one facing away, and perform this algorithm: F R U Ri Ui R U Ri Ui Fi. SEE SKETCH #2
3) Sune case: 1 yellow solved in bottom left, one facing YOU on the right, one on the right side of the cube, one facing away: Hold with the one yellow corner already solved on top and perform this algorithm: R U Ri U R U2 Ri SEE SKETCH # 3
4) Anti- Sune: Hold the cube with one yellow solved on top in the right top side, one yellow facing you on the left, one yellow on the right side of the cube, and one yellow on the left side, and do this alg. : R U2 Ri Ui R Ui Ri SEE SKETCH #4
5) Hold cube with two yellow on right on the top, other two yellows on left side of cube, and do this alg : F R U Ri Ui F' SEE SKETCH #5
6) Hold cube with two yellow on right on the top, one yellow facing you, one yellow facing away, and do this alg : R U Ri Ui Ri F R Fi SEE SKETCH #6
7) Hold cube with two yellow pieces diagonal, one on the top left, one on bottom right, and do this alg: F R Ui Ri Ui R U Ri Fi SEE SKETCH #7
Those are the OLL algorithms to solve the yellow layer :)

2x2 Cll Algorithms Rubik's Cube

Advanced Method This is full CFOP (or Fridrich) method. This involves remembering a lot of algorithms to cope with different situations, so I use some 2-look.